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How to Do a Simple Aerobic Workout on a Trampoline

by other on July 26, 2011

There are individuals who think that jumping on big trampolines are simply for past time purposes. Actually, the bouncing movements resulting from the use of a trampoline actually has a positive effect on the lymphatic system and our whole blood supply. When our lymph is working perfectly and efficiently it does the job of bringing the nutrients better to the different cells in our body and toxins are carried out of these cells. Thus, performing an aerobic workout on your exercise trampoline is actually a good, healthy idea.

Aside from cardio purposes, trampoline workouts are generally known to be perfect stress reducers so they help ease the mind. They can give you a euphoric state and a wonderful sense of relaxation. They are able to give more balance to your nervous system and continue to assist in maintaining a calm disposition even after the workout sessions are over.

Warm Up

Begin by simply marching in place on your trampoline for about 3 to 5 minutes. Next, try to do your basic bounce by standing in the center with your feet slightly apart and then performing a light bounce. So that your body gets used to this, start off by bouncing at a slow to moderate rate for a number of minutes.

Max It Up

You can now start raising your heels alternately without raising your toes off the trampoline. Swing your arms at the same time and walk in place. You may then start raising the pace by ”jogging” in place, but this time raising your entire foot about a couple of inches off the trampoline.

Add Some Variety

Instead of just swinging your arms on the side you can raise your arms alternately in front of you while walking or jogging. You may then advance to doing jumping jacks and twists on your trampoline.

A careful reminder though: it is important to use trampoline safety pads.  This prevents bruises and bumps.

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