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Signs of Urinary Tract Infection

by other on July 23, 2011

If you suspect you are experiencing the signs of urinary tract infection, see a doctor; but also, take note of any symptoms you may be experiencing.  For example, a high frequency of urination, the urge to urinate often and a burning sensation that accompanies urination are all common signs of urinary tract infection.  Otherwise healthy women typically have symptoms that last for five days.

Severity depends on a number of things, including age and which part of the urinary system is affected.  Younger patients who aren’t fully developed may experience more severe symptoms, such as nausea, appetite loss and fever.

Adults can experience fatigue, trouble urinating and blood in the urine.  The urine can also smell bad or look cloudy.

If you’re experiencing one or more of the above symptoms, take note of them before seeing your doctor or seeking treatment of your own choosing; they are all signs of urinary tract infection.

Risk Factors For UTIs

In the case of sexually active young women, intercourse causes as many as ninety percent of bladder infections; the risk of the infection is related to often sex is had.  However, in post-menopausal women, there is no correlation between sexual activity and UTIs.  The use of spermicide, ironically, causes an increased risk.

Though men can get urinary tract infections, women are more prone to them.  Women’s urethras are closer to the anus than men’s, and men, unlike women, have antibacterial prostatic secretions.  Women’s urethras are shorter.  However, as age increases, the chances of UTIs becomes more similar among the sexes; this is due to the increased chance of an enlarged prostate gland as a man gets older.  When it grows, it can block the urethra, which results in less urine flushing out bacteria. Read about nutrients that support prostate health here.

Read more about the signs of urinary tract infections.

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