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Familiarizing the Physical Fitness Components

by other on July 21, 2011

In measuring the fitness level of a person, he or she may perform many types of physical trainings that involve the physical fitness components. Generally speaking, there’s no actual definition regarding physical fitness, but there’s one thing for sure, it is the ability of the body to perform well on any physical activity or task that requires application of energy. Moreover, physical fitness is also associated for the overall wellness of the body in fighting illnesses and other health problems. In overall, physical fitness is the state wherein both the body and mind are in good condition to execute a particular routine. Let’s familiarize the components of physical fitness so you have an idea on which part you need to focus for better improvements.

Fitness experts have divided the physical fitness components into five divisions; Cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. Each component has their main focus and this help fitness trainer in assessing the fitness level of a person and on what type of physical fitness training is appropriate to him or her. For example, a person can have a strong upper body but the lower part is weaker, therefore the fitness instructor will setup routines needed for the improvement of the muscles of the legs to boost more power and endurance.

In physical anatomy, the heart pumps blood through the cardiovascular system which composed of arteries, veins, and the capillaries. In order for the heart to perform well in pumping blood to the muscles of the body, it requires enough level of oxygen with the aid of the lungs. This is the focus of cardiovascular endurance, wherein it ensures that the heart, blood vessels, and the lungs are working properly so the body can endure such heavy physical activity. For sometimes, this component of physical fitness is also called as cardiorespiratory endurance since it also involves the vitality of the lungs. Most common exercises that can enhance the cardiovascular endurance of the body are aerobics, jogging, swimming, and cycling.

When you perform series of push-ups, you will notice that the muscles of arms are exerting too much force and this is your muscular strength, another part of physical fitness components.  The higher level of muscular strength you have means that you can sustain enough power. This also helps not only in lifting heavy objects but also jumping in high and far distances. On the other hand, muscular endurance is the capacity of the muscles to sustain several repetitions tirelessly; this is the reason why you can perform numbers of push-ups and sit-ups easily.

Flexibility is the capacity of the muscles and joints to extend or stretch. The common exercise in enhancing the flexibility of the body is the sit and reach. And the last but not the least, body composition is the level of body fats over the lean mass of muscles or bones. These are the five physical fitness components that a person should take into considerations if he or she wants to have a physically fit body.


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