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5 Commonly Used Diabetic Testing Supplies

by other on July 18, 2011

Diabetes is a disorder characterised by high levels of sugars or glucose in the bloodstream. Presently there is no cure for the disease. Being diabetic can, although, be managed with medical treatments, diet plans, exercise and regular monitoring of blood glucose levels by making use of diabetic testing supplies.

Here are some of today’s most commonly used diabetic testing supplies:

Glucometer — Glucose Meter

A glucometer or a blood glucose meter is a popular way for diabetic patients to inspect and monitor blood sugar levels in the comfort and ease of their homes. The actual glucometer is a compact, hand-held device that will provide a glucose levels reading within several seconds.

In order for a reading to be produced, a drop of blood should be procured by pricking the skin using a lancet and then placing the blood on the test strip. The glucometer will analyze the blood on the test strip and analyze the blood sugar level.

Diabetic Test Strips

Test strips usually are diabetic testing supplies which are employed to hold a drop of blood when testing blood glucose using a glucometer. There’re slender plastic planes suitable for one-time use. They must be discarded soon after a blood glucose reading is made.

It is important to use test strip that are compatible with the glucometer being used. Many are developed for particular glucometers and will not work with other diabetic testing supplies.

Diabetic Lancets

Lancets are actually devices used to prick your skin, usually the finger, so that you can extract blood intended for glucose monitoring. It’s easily obtainable in several sizes or gauges. The greater the gauge of the lancet, the thinner it will be.

Diabetics need to take special care to not reuse lancets by mistake as this may lead to bacterial infections and diseases.

Diabetic Lancing Devices

Diabetic lancets may be used alone or with a lancing tool. Lancing devices are diabetic testing supplies which are employed to mechanically puncture your skin with a lancet. These devices allow diabetics to alter the deepness of a skin puncture which is very beneficial in reducing pain.

Due to the chance of cross contamination and even infections, it’s very important for diabetes patients to never share their own lancing devices with others.

Diabetic Control Choices

Diabetic control solutions are used to assess whether glucometers and test strips are in sound working order. A control solution is used in place of blood to get a blood glucose reading with the tested glucometer and test strip.

Trying to keep a close eye on blood glucose levels through the use of various diabetic testing supplies is important to effectively handle and deal with diabetes.


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