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Cell Phone Radiation Dangers. Fact or Fiction?

by Cell Phone Protection on July 12, 2011

By Paul Fitzgerald

  The emergence of cellular phones in our modern lives has become a prevailing necessity. Nowadays, vast majority of the world population are hooked with this tiny yet powerful gadget. From a simple device that served only as a call and text now becomes a communication tool package that knows no limits. Mobile or cellular phones have thus become indispensable.

But little did we know of the dangers it poses to our health. Serious concern is escalating over the years on the mushrooming use of the handy mobile cellular telephone, or cell-phone. These phones are arguably the most radioactive appliance humans have yet invented. It is well known that high levels of RF (Radio Frequency) can produce biological damage through heating effects, same as how our microwave oven works.

The effect of this radio frequency (RF) is very alarming to us humans. As high frequency radio radiation penetrates the body, the exposed molecules move about and collide with one another causing friction and heat. If the radiation is powerful enough, the tissue or skin will be heated or burned. Synonymous to this is the EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiation describes the continually flowing electrons that form invisible fields of energy all around us. EMF radiation from power lines, appliances, radars, TVs, phones, computers, microwaves, etc. are already considered by many to be potentially hazardous to both mental and physical health. Those who live or work within an electromagnetic field is at risk.

Studies have shown that cell phones have been linked with a wide range of health problems including headaches, earaches, eye and vision problems, memory loss, nausea, fatigue, brain tumors, or even DNA alteration or damage and even changes in the brain’s electrical activity. Researches particularly the effects among children and pregnant mothers are alarming.

What about Wi-Fi computer signals? Can they interfere with sleep? The scientific jury is still out, but consider this: Kevin Koym, who owns a consulting company and a software engineering firm in Austin, Tex., says of his struggles with insomnia: “I never had sleep problems until I started using Wi-Fi So now I am careful to shut off my computer at home in the evening.”

For years, much have been rake over and publicized of the many lawsuits filed against cell phone companies. Countries like US, Great Britain, Austria, Germany, Sweden etc. have undertaken measures to delve into the issue and made strong regulations for the telecommunication industry. The concern has been strong and on-going. The extent of these safety issues lies on the fact that needs not be taken for granted.

Educational Cell Phone Digital Book by Paul Fitzgerald, EMF expert, graduated from NJIT in Newark, NJ. He has been studying EMF’s for over 15 years.. He has done over 100 radio shows in 2006 and released his book CellPhone Lies To learn more go to EMF Radiation News.

How Cell Phones Cause Damage to The Human Body

By Paul Fitzgerald

  What Causes the Damage? The part of the electromagnetic spectrum used by cell phones and other wireless devices to communicate does not occur naturally on the earths surface — logically, it has to be, or there would be too much interference for cell phones to work.

In particular, the extremely low-frequency waves used to actually carry your voice or other data, known as Information Carrying Radio Waves, are not frequencies that you would ever encounter in a natural form on earth. Because of this, your body has not made any biological adaptation to protect you from electromagnetic radiation in these frequencies.

More importantly, the very rarity of these frequencies on the earths surface made them ideal ones for your body to use as an internal communication system, for the same reason that cell phones use them — a lack of interference. But now that man-made wireless communication is widespread, there is a great deal of interference.

Your cells have two types of receptors: chemical receptors and vibrational receptors. Chemical receptors respond to biochemical signals, but vibrational receptors are microscopic cilia, little hair-like sensors that respond to electromagnetic vibrations. When an Information carrying radio wave hits a ciliary vibrational receptor, the receptor resonate. Since this form of radiation does not occur naturally, your cells do not recognize it, and treat it as a potential threat. They respond by sealing themselves off, effectively shutting down their ability to communicate with other cells.

This reaction evolved as a short-term response to immediate danger; it was never designed to protect against the persistent signals of wireless communication. Soon, these sealed off cells start starving for lack of nutrients. Toxins, heavy metals, and free radicals build up inside of them, because the cell can no longer excrete them.

The intercellular communication breakdown can impair or destroy the function of whole tissue systems and organs. Soon, cells become damaged, and over the long term, this damage can have serious effects, especially in your complex and delicate brain — which, unfortunately, is right next to where most people hold their cell phones.

There are other dangers, as well. Information carrying Radio Waves piggyback on carrier waves, which operate at a much higher frequency. The effects of carrier waves are extremely subtle and hard to detect, but that does not make them any less dangerous.

The DNA in each of your cells contracts and extends like a coil several billion times per second, and these contractions create a timing system that regulates the activity of your metabolic enzymes. Carrier waves, however, operate on the exact same frequency as your DNA, and can cause interference that interrupts this fragile and crucial form of communication. The complex timing of your body’s biological processes are being disrupted by your cell phone.

The effects of both the carrier waves and the information carrying radio waves can lead to serious, serious medical and health problems, up to and including degenerative brain disease and damaged, and potentially cancer-causing, DNA in your cells.

Educational Cell Phone Digital Book by Paul Fitzgerald, EMF expert, graduated from NJIT in Newark, NJ. He has been studying EMF’s for over 15 years.. He has done over 100 radio shows in 2006 and released his book CellPhone Lies To learn more go to EMF Radiation News.

Cell Phone Tower Radiation. Is It Dangerous?

By Paul Fitzgerald

  The sound of a guitar, an x-ray taken in a doctor’s office, the warmth of the sun and energy generated in a nuclear power plant all have one thing in common they are forms of radiation. Radiation is the movement, or propagation of energy from one place to another. From a human perspective, some radiation are directly useful, and some destructive. Imagine your cell phone. Cell phones have transformed communications all over the world. However, would you believe that this very reliable gadget is killing you slowly?

Well, you have to attribute it to the fact that most people are unaware of the Radio frequency (RF) radiation that they’re exposed to another word referring to radiation itself, in measured form. It’s an invisible form of pollution. Probably the most dangerous and common source of radiation these days are cell phones and cell phone towers.

Cell phone towers operate at power levels of about ten watts for each antenna on the tower. These directional antennas divide a geographical area into cells of service. The closer you are to a radiating antenna, the higher the health risk there is. When a cell phone is turned on, the cell phone company carrier or provider uses a computer network connected to all the cell towers to invisibly command the phone to an available frequency. Moreover, a cell phone transmits frequently to notify the phone company that it is actually on. Wherever you go, the cell system determines signal strength and switches your connection to another tower near you. When you talk to someone on your phone, the antenna is very close to the brain and recent studies show that it can induce tumor formation with prolonged exposure.

The phone can still radiate energy even when you are not talking. If you have it in your pants or shirt pocket, or on your belt, body tissues around the antenna on the phone are being exposed to radiation. The human body is an electrical system. It is affected by outside RF electromagnetic fields that can promote unwanted neurological effects, nerve stimulation, cancer, heating effects and even cause DNA strand breakage and cell mutation/death cell mutation being the primary process of tumor formation or cancer. Studies also show that cell phone use is associated with other kinds of tumors like the parotid/salivary gland tumors and even male infertility. Increased radiation exposure will inevitably lead to more illness from compromised immune systems, brain disorders and organ problems.

So how can we protect ourselves from all these threats to our health? There are no other options to keep the cell network operating because of the limited nature of cell phone technology. We just can’t forsake our cell phones because let’s face it, communicating has been much easier. Cell phones are our lifelines. Fortunately, there are cell phone radiation protection products available in the market which can help us safeguard our health. There are products like headset radiation shields, RFS belt clip shields, EMF protectors, and the Anti-Radiation Air-tube Headset which is a safe alternative compared to conventional headsets that use wire to deliver sound to the earpiece and may also deliver radiation directly to the head.

These products reduce the possibility of radiation reaching the head. Another popular product is the QLink pendant which is worn around the neck and powered by the wearer. QLink is encoded with a technology called Sympathetic Resonance Technology or SRT, which is a branch of quantum physics. This acts as a tuning fork that resonates with the ideal note at which the body’s energy system should hum. It basically protects against stress from a variety of types of stressors including electromagnetic fields.

There are more products out there that could really help us protect our body from the harmful radiation produced by cell phones. It’s up to us to protect ourselves, let’s face the fact. Would we still remain ignorant? We don’t want our lives to end untimely just because we want to make things easier right? So it’s to a greater advantage that we use cell phone protection products. Steer clear of radiation! Take it from the experts.

Educational Cell Phone Digital Book by Paul Fitzgerald, EMF expert, graduated from NJIT in Newark, NJ. He has been studying EMF’s for over 15 years.. He has done over 100 radio shows in 2006 and released his book CellPhone Lies To learn more go to EMF Radiation News.

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