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Trampoline Spring Cover – Shopping For Your Best Options

by other on July 11, 2011

Trampoline spring cover does more than add a stylish look to an old trampoline. There are three major reasons why homeowners across America and across the globe believe in the necessity of trampoline spring cover or, trampoline safety pad as it is more known commercially.

- The main purpose of a spring cover is to ensure user safety. Plain covers simply go over the frame and springs. These can help prevent users from injuring their toes and fingers. Pads that also double as covers do more than this. They can also additionally prevent injury due to bad landings close to the trampoline frame.

- Covering your trampoline springs with safety pads also makes sure that it is preserved from premature weathering and avoidable damages. Although trampoline steel parts are meant to withstand weathering, a good cover can extend a trampolines lifespan even longer.

- Putting on safety pads help remind the jumper of the boundary of the trampoline. This is especially useful for young users who may occasionally forget to stay at the center. A brightly colored pad can be their guide to safe jumping.

Shopping for just the right cover can be challenging. They come in different colors, sizes and types. You would have to keep a few good tips in mind to find the right fit for your trampoline.

- Trampoline safety pads and spring covers can be elastic or not. Its entirely a matter of personal preference since both types are usually made of durable materials. Some would suggest though that elastic covers are a better buy. Their stretchable feature may allow them to last regular periods of rigorous use.

- A perfect fit is imperative for trampoline spring covers and the trampoline itself. As you may already know, trampolines can be large, small, circular or irregularly shaped. Hence, not all covers are made for your particular model. To ensure a perfect fit, make sure you measure the diameter of your trampoline. Measure from the outer edge of the frame to the opposite edge. Irregularly shaped trampolines can also be measured in the same way and additionally from point to point to make sure that the right measurement is obtained.

- It is also important for your safety pad to be water-resistant and weatherproof. This is the best additional protection that you can provide for your trampoline frame and springs.

- It is advisable that your primary choice of cover be from your trampoline manufacturer. This will save you a lot of trouble. You simply have to pick the cover model that is made for your trampoline. If this is not possible, you should opt to shop in a trampoline specialty store instead. Make sure they specialize in trampolines and their accessories. Check too if they have a responsive customer service desk to help you figure out the right cover and pad for your specific trampoline model.

- Choose the trampoline spring cover with the color that greatly contrasts your mat. Brightly colored covers are a visual reminder to users where the edge is and where they should position themselves for a jump.

No doubt, your trampoline should not be without a trampoline spring cover. Do keep in mind though that you should not become too laid back just because you have a pad. Always supervise young kids on trampolines.

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