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Coconut Oil and Cholsterol

by other on July 7, 2011

You might not imagine that coconut oil, being almost entirely comprised of saturated fat, would be a food that lowers cholesterol - but read on, and learn about how coconut oil cholesterol can actually be good for your heart.

Indiginous tropical cultures consume a great deal of coconut oil and have done so for centuries; this means that their diet contains a great deal of saturated fat, yet they have very statistically significant rates – low rates – of cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, in the West, for years, all fat was demonized, and incorrectly so.  It’s true – some fats, like those from factory farmed animals, margarine, trans and other processed fats are harmful to your heart – but it’s the unique structure of raw, cold pressed coconut oil that can actually help to lower cholesterol.

One so-called “study” done forty years ago “proved” that coconut oil raised bad cholesterol levels.  Guess what? The study was done using hydrogenated coconut oil – the same industrial process that makes other processed oils today so unhealthy.  Real, unrefined, raw coconut oil does not have the same risk.  MSN News reminds us that trans-fat (from hydrogenation) is “bad news”.

Though coconut oil is saturated fat, it’s made of a unique type of fatty acid, known as medium chain triglycerides.  This type of fat is metabolized very quickly by the liver, resulting in fast energy that also raises metabolism and aids in weight loss, conversely, benefitting the heart.

Learn more about coconut oil and cholesterol here.

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