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Essential Information and Methods for Bulimia Treatment

by other on July 1, 2011

About ninety percent of bulimia cases occurs in young women, and this problem which affects eating patterns can sometimes be fatal. The expression of this affliction is food binging accompanied by self induced throwing up. Many bulimics will get rid of what they have eaten by consuming laxatives. Many bulimics have essentially normal weight profiles at the onset, yet they still think of themselves as overweight. There are extraordinarily distorted ideas relating to food and being too heavy. A common time frame for bulimia to appear is shortly once puberty happens, perhaps several years following this change. A few additional psychological aspects include social pressures at school along with feelings of depression.

The untreated bulimic can suffer from life threatening lack of ample nutrition and increased loss of fluids. Through the years, there have been well known bulimics in the news who have passed away from this condition. As an example, the very successful singer from the 70s, Karen Carpenter, struggled with bulimia for years. Her problem affected her heart so much that it simply killed her. That is why bulimia must be treated as quickly as possible, and it is absolutely treatable which is very good.

If this issue is left to go on, then that could produce significant inadequacies of many essential minerals and other biochemical elements. Furthermore, serious constipation can be a consequence of excessive use of laxatives. More problems include the throat and mouth because of excessive subjection to stomach acid from so much throwing up. Dental problems are common from the acid, and that can easily result in break down of tooth enamel in a short time as well as gum swelling. Subsequently, there are possibly fatal injury to the kidneys and heart functions. Our systems need a particular amount of electrolytes for overall health, and that is what can be lost because of dehydration. Extreme decrease in electrolytes for too long a period can cause heart attack and death. The death rate on account of bulimia is calculated to generally be in the area of ten percent of the whole.

The bulimic can get successful treatment from psychologists, psychiatrists and additional medical specialists. In addition, it can be helpful to call for a licensed dietician so the appropriate diet can be provided to help restore the body. The patient will employ the services of professional therapy to correct the detrimental behaviors involving eating excessively and elimination. It has been observed to be effective with some patients if they recognize the damage this condition can cause in their bodies. Frequently there are distinct issues in the patient’s life, and they are going to be dealt with, too. One crucial area of work will be to inspire the patient to communicate in a more open fashion and focus on his or her feelings.

One of the important factors to conquering bulimia is taking action on it as soon as possible. The patient’s relatives need to be involved and provide as much support as possible. It could possibly be helpful to participate in group therapy as a different form of social and personal support. The overall key to success with bulimia is when the person suffering with it can declare that he or she has this condition. It is also necessary for this person to understand that a very dangerous thinking toward food and eating is present.

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