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Niacin Flushing

by other on June 30, 2011

Exactly what is with the weird flushing feeling you get when you take a high dose of the B vitamin Niacin?  Swiss Sciences is here now to speak about Niacin and its numerous health and fitness benefits.

Niacin, often called vitamin b3, is among the the B complex vitamins.  It is just a widely recognized vitamin due to the flushing feeling it can cause when ingested in good sized doses.  These effects cause a person’s skin to turn red together with a flushing feeling to happen, akin to hot flashes, often matched with a minor bit of scratching.  It is peculiar among vitamins as Niacin is the only vitamin to bring a profound physical effect upon taking it.
This flushing feeling is worthwhile, however.  It is healthy.  What is fundamentally occurring is the capillaries of your body are expanding in size letting additional blood to flow through.  This method enables essential nutrients to be taken to the cells more rapidly and efficiently and additionally makes it possible for the quicker and more efficient elimination of toxins from your cells. 

Niacin, possibly most importantly, in these days of atherosclerosis and heart related illnesses, is the advantage that niacin helps enhance the good HDL cholesterol and can help you lower the bad LDL cholesterol.  This can help halt and in some cases slow down the effects of coronary artery disease and other cholesterol diseases. 

The flushing indicators that go as well as large doasage amounts of Niacin are usually disagreeable to plenty of persons and generally contributes to them selecting to finish utilizing the vitamin.  This is often reduced to a certain degree by starting off with a smaller sized dose and working your way bit by bit.  Start out out while using the level where you could hardly feel the flushing effect, and as soon as you adapt to this amount steadily increase your dosage to where you can really start to actually feel the effects all over again.

There are also alternative styles of Niacin that won’t serve you the flushing effect, however it will come at a cost.  The non-flushing style of Niacin may not bring about flushing but it also does not a single thing to benefit with cholesterol problems.  In addition, it can potentially in reality lead to liver failure in bigger doses!  The timed release sorts of Niacin which are specifically created to minimize the flushing problems also have been observed to cause liver damage in larger levels.

Niacin can truly be of tremendous health benefit in keeping good blood choleseterol levels.  It has been proven to be of effective aid for schizophrenia patients.  It is essential to check with a health practitioner at the outset well before starting a high dose Niacin strategies.  Particularly for heavy drinkers of alcohol, persons who may have been through liver problems, diabetics and individuals with low blood pressure levels.

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