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Exercise To Keep The Weight Off

by other on June 28, 2011

I came upon this program and wanted to share it with everyone who is trying to lose weight.  It’s called the Japanese 4 minute exercise and users have had success losing weight with it.
If you believe that there is NO effective exercise that you can do in less than 30 minutes a day, then you have been wrong.
Study at Yale Univeristy has demonstrated that a short, intensive work out is up to 9 times more effective than a routine workout when there is no difference in the level of exertion.
The focus is on simplicity and it’s a very efficient way to kick your metabolism sky high, allowing you to lose weight without gimmicks or a deadly 60 minute exercise. Kicking your metabolism higher is the right way to lose weight effectively. Let your body do rest of the work  while you do this for only 4 minutes a day.

Your body responds to any situation that is presented to it. This means not only to eating but also to exercising.  Why spend 60 minutes on a tread-mill when you can get the same results or even higher metabolism results in just 4 minutes?
If you’re exercising for 60 minutes, then your body adjusts and it’s going to be high metabolism for just 1 hour. As for the other 23 hours of the day, it simply stays low. Instead, a short, intense workout will be more effective and has a longer lasting “after burner” effect.

The workout itself takes 4 minutes.
By following these steps you can get your metabolism elevated and keep it high for 24-48 hours, even if you are not working out during that time.
Be sure to warm up! (at least 5 minutes, optional but strongly recommended.  Your body’s muscles become more flexible, greatly reducing the chance of injury)

One round = 30 seconds:
Intense workout = 15 seconds
Pause = 15 seconds

Multiply by by 8, and your workout time is 4 minutes.

Starting out, you can take 5 seconds off the workout length so you get 10 seconds of intense exercising and 20 seconds of pause. For those of you who are in a good physical shape, you can add 5 seconds to each intensive interval, so you get 20 seconds of intensive workout. Optimum results are accomplished with a 20 second intensive workout.

This exercise can be done with any fitness machine, strenuous running or other exercises that are very intense and which you can do 10-20 seconds bursts in a row.  Keep in mind, you must be aware that these 10-20 seconds must really be the most intense workout you can imagine and you need to do it with enthusiasm. Doing a half-hearted, self-deceiving physical workout is not going to get you any results. This truly all comes down to your performance.

After you finish a 4 -minute workout  you should be extremely winded, with sweat streaming down your face and barely able to stand up. This can be done with regular cardio-equipment, or common items such as jump ropes. The key thing to ensure is that the workout is extremely intense and you do it for the complete time interval.

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