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Treatment for Scabies

by other on June 15, 2011

What is Scabies?

Scabies are 8 legged mites that cannot be seen by the human eye. They burrow into the skin (just under your first layer, or the layer that you shed if sun burnt). Scabies can be seen by using a microscope or a magnifying glass. Scabies can cause severe itching all over your body and you may lose sleep over it. (In my case I lost plenty of sleep) Scabies appear as little red bumps very similar to hives and at times leave tracks or tunnels under your skin. if you have scabies on one patch of your skin, you can be sure your entire body is infected.

How do you get scabies?

From suffering from scabies myself there are many ways you can get scabies. Everyone has different views and believe me you can get scabies from many sources such as, bed linen, animals and close contact. I got scabies from a friend who had just bought a pet dog. However scabies cannot live on animals for a long period of time but if someone who has scabies holds the pet and transfers the pet to you, you can get scabies. Scabies can also be transmitted via sexual contact and this is one of the main ways you can get scabies. Close contact is also likely, such as skin to skin, including shaking hands! Having said this, it is less frequent. Scabies can live outside the body for a number of days or up to a week. In some cases it has been said that the mites can live in dressing gowns for up to three months. You can also get scabies from bed linen that has not been washed.

How do I get rid of Scabies? If you have scabies or are suffering from severe itching it is more than likely that you have scabies. Scabies needs to be treated immediately as the longer you leave it the faster it will spread and the longer you will have it. Treatment for scabies can be a very long process after trying many over the counter scabies treatments that are very harmful to you and your future health.

Treatment for scabies can come in two forms, external application or oral. External application is always in the form of a liquid lotion or cream which can be very messy and toxic to your skin. Oral medication works just as well but can be even more toxic to your health. Having said that, over the counter creams and lotions do not always work, and end up speeding up speeding up the spreading of scabies.

Scabies lotions are applied from the neck down, left on for 12 hours and re applied a week later. (Always check medical instructions before use) Having said that i used the three creams and lotions available to get rid of my scabies and nothing worked until I tried the natural approach. The only thing that helped was when I applied the lotion and left it on for 24 hours to reapply 2 days later.

Once you have found a treatment for scabies it is important that you wash all your clothing and bed linen in hot water. Clothes must only be worm once to be re washed again along with bed linen. It is important to note that over the counter creams and lotions are very toxic to the skin. To find out more about the treatment for scabies please click Treatment for Scabies.

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