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Overview of H C G Guide – is it worth buying?

by other on June 14, 2011

Hi it’s me here yet again, on this occasion with a look at H C G Guide. I’m going to be tackling the primary queries that prospective purchasers of this product ask. They are:

Can I get my money back if I don’t like it? The quick answer: yes! Payments for this product are processed through Clickbank – and they provide a 60-day no-quibble guarantee for all products. So you can rest assured you can get a refund.

Can I obtain a H C G Guide bonus for purchasing this product? (and what exactly is a bonus? ) Certain sites have taken to providing what’s known as a ‘bonus’. It’s a bit like a free Pepsi when you get a burger – a thank you for buying by means of their link. For H C G Guide there’s a bonus being offered – see link elsewhere in the page.

Is it worth purchasing? H C G Guide features numerous verifiable testimonials from happy users on its web site. These are testimonials from past clients who’ve taken the time and energy to send in a testimonial, so reading their views is often well worth it. Of course, that really should not be your sole research. The owner of a product can put anything at all on their site – you should backup their promises with an unbiased H C G Guide review. – see the hyperlink at the conclusion of this report for one such review, which gives the product a score of 4.49/5.

H C G Guide – what is it all about? Okay, why don’t we hear from the horse’s mouth on this one and have a look at what they say in relation to themselves on their site:

- HCG is a revolution in weight loss, and the HCG Guide is your step by step guide to implementing the HCG Diet, including tips and tricks you won’t find anywhere else
- And much much more. And if we’ve left anything out, you can contact us as long as you need to, and have all your questions aswered.
- Have you had people tell you that it’s all about diet and exercise, or it’s all about calories in, versus calories burned?

Is it a scam? For products of this type, there’s just one guaranteed way to discover this: the product’s refund rate. Products with a high refund rate are sometimes a scam. It is obvious – if it’s a scam, then people are going to be returning it in high numbers. The approx refund rate for H C G Guide is 0.13%, which is shockingly low, and suggests this product is certainly not a scam.

What next? I’ve already been through all of the primary queries that potential customers have when considering this product . Before you make that final decision though, I would suggest that you browse through the comprehensive review. There you’ll find out whether you can find any extra complimentary products, any discount rates and any bonuses offered. You can also find details of the purchase bonus mentioned above. For that reason, head over there now (see hyperlink elsewhere in this article) and you can see the complete review of H C G Guide.

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