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"Complementary and Alternative Medicine". have you ever heard of that term ?

by other on June 5, 2011

Complementary and Alternative Medicine , aka CAM, is a general term that regroups any healing and medicinal care, such as acupuncture, herbal medicines, that is apart from standart care – medicine used by registered nurses and medical doctors.

Many buzzes pop up on the medias – and especially on the internet – every year, with new people claiming having incredible healing powers and possessing secret healing methods, etc.

You may feel very desperate if the standart chemical medicine did not work well for you. So, you may want to find an alternative cure, a solution to your health problem. That’s fine – you’re totally right.

In this case, complementary and alternative medicines will really work for you and heal you from whatever disease you carry.

But please pay high attention to the following lines :

Even though some complementary and alternative medicines, such as acupuncture, really work, you should not rush on every alternative medicine praticing. Be careful, as there are many charlatans in this business.

Do you researches well, ask your friends and collegues, ask advice from you family doctor as well.

Would you want to know what are the five most popular and effective complementary and alternative medicines ? Choose the one that is the most accurate to your disease .

Medicinal herbs : that’s what our ancestors were using before the boom occured in the drug industry.

And talking from personnal experience, it still works best ! I have serious health problems caused by asthma since I’m five years old. Believe me, I was given any drug and pill you could possibly imagine to get ride of this asthma.

And it never worked…

Until one day, my father who had a very close Chinese friend of him, was told I would feel better if I used ancient chinese herbal medicine.

Do you want to know the results ? Astonishing !

In only a month, I was totally cured from my asthma and I was even able to make extra physical efforts.

That’s the magic of a complementary and alternative medicine !

But, of course, no one can give you guaranteed results. Even though I highly recommend you to try this CAM, I’d also recommend you to not expect very big results from it – unless you suffer from asthma like I was !

Another complementary and alternative medicine I know works – I got very strong testimonails from my friends – is of course acupuncture.

A chinese discipline again ! Chinese look like genius people to me from time, at least in complementary and alternative medicine.

Anyway. Acupuncture is best used for patients who suffer from nerve, vertebra and muscle related pains. Such as back pain, lumbago, cervical pain, sciatica, etc.

Since most of the mental diseases, like anxiety depression or insomnia are caused by nerve dysfunctions or diaphragm contractions, acupuncture can again be of great help for you – if it’s your case.

Without doubt, a complementary and alternative medicine can make miracles. You should only trust someone who has proved his talents in healing the human body, though.

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