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Can Meals Help make Your Sinuses Better?

by other on May 30, 2011

Most of us dont spend a whole lot of time thinking of the well-being of our sinuses until something goes wrong and they get clogged. Clogged sinuses could be incredibly painful and help to make an currently miserable flu even harder to deal with. Most of us try to cure our sinuses with medicine or maybe with steam but the truth is that the different things we eat can have quite a major effect on the tiny passageways that run through our faces. So how do you keep the sinuses healthy with meals? Keep reading to learn the several affects that foods may have on your sinus passageways.

If you start to have issues with your sinuses, you need to keep away from milk and other dairy products. Dairy boosts the production of mucous and phlegm in your body. This stuff can easily work its way into your sinuses and reduce drainage and cause some serious blockages. These blockages may be breeding grounds for bacteria that can keep you unwell. This is precisely why it is a wise decision to cut out dairy products when you have any sort of sickness because otherwise you could end up just building up levels of phlegm and keeping yourself sicker than you need to be.

There usually are lots of people who are convinced eating things like spicy foods (like wasabi, horseradish, etc) will be super helpful in clearing up sinus problems. While this can certainly help thin out the mucous in your sinuses, it is additionally likely to give you a seriously runny nose and other, temporary, relief. If you have problems with troubles like acid reflux or heartburn, you should avoid spicy foods because, in some cases, the regurgitated stomach acid can work its way up into your throat and cross the barrier into your sinus membranes and cause some really bad problems for you.

It is not advisable to consume alcohol when you’re having troubles with your sinuses. Alcohol will cause dehydration and dehydration can lead to the solidifying and also hardening of the mucous in your body, including in your sinuses. This causes your sinuses to get clogged and pretty much undrainable so, though alcohol may be able to help you sleep, it could also be prolonging your illness. At the same time, tea can show to be incredibly beneficial. Hot tea, while being capable of offer you breathable steam which should de-clog has lots of other forms of healing qualities that can help you feel better, though it does really depend upon what kind of tea you choose to brew and drink.

Stay faraway from caffeine. You could be tempted to drink coffee instead of tea or even plain hot water. You shouldnt do that. Caffeine, just as alcohol, will cause your system to dehydrate and makes it even more difficult for you to fix your sinus problems as well as the illness that is causing them.

You must, of course, talk to a medical professional about the things in this article because everyone reacts differently to things. What succeeds for one man may not work for you, so talk to your doctor if you have prolonged issues with your sinuses.

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