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How Cellphones Carried In Your Pocket Could Damage Your ______?

by other on May 22, 2011

Does a cell phone in your pocket damage your ______?You may have heard or read on various media about some emerging researches about this potential damage that connects frequent cell phone use and brain tumors. But what people are not aware about is the risk of placing their cell phone in their pockets for a longer period.

A new warning is spread out about the harmful effects of cell phones to men. This study conducted by the some researchers in Los Angeles confirmed that men who carry their cell phones in their front pocket and who utilizes a hands-free device may possibly suffer a frightening damage to their testicles which could lead to decreased sperm count.

Studies shows that frequent exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic waves from the phone when left in a talk mode and placed on the front pocket could put a man at risk to damaging the quality of his sperm count. The test was made on 32 male volunteers who agreed sperm samples to be taken. The specimen was positioned within a distance of 2.5cms from an 850 MHZ cell phone for an hour and was left on a hands free mode. As a result, a major decline and damage to sperm count quality was noted.

Here are some points for you to ponder to protect yourself from this risk.

  • When at home, keep your phone away from you. The farther, the better.
  • If you get a call, simply get up and answer it, the same manner that we used to do before these mobile phones emerged.
  • Don’t be a slave to your phone! Don’t leave it on a hands free mode. Those texts and voicemails can wait when you’re done with what you are doing.
  • Keep in mind that EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) is not just solely with mobile phones. It also occurs with Wifi and other wireless gadgets. So, never put your laptops on your lap. Find a table for it.

With all those possible risks that these gadgets may bring us, let’s face the fact these devices are also useful. You just have to learn from all those points and keep yourself away from all those harmful risks.

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