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Get The Tin Foil Back Out, S.F., Calif. Shelves Cell Phone Radiation Law

by Cell Phone Protection on May 20, 2011

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San Francisco residents frustrated by pesky science’s interference, warn of vast conspiracy

Critics of InterPhone Cell Phone Radiation Study Cite Flaws

When the InterPhone Study was published last year, it was touted by many as strong evidence that exposure to cell phone radiation was not associated with brain cancer. But many critics of InterPhone disagree and claim the study is flawed. Some have even asserted that it may have underestimated the true risk of …

S.F. puts cell phone radiation law on hold

San Francisco has rarely shied away from a legal fight over its cutting-edge laws – be it Walgreens suing over the ban on selling cigarettes in drug stores or restaurants taking the city to court over its requirement…

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