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Healthy Food Guide

by other on April 13, 2011

Many people even body builders have often overlooked the fact that any attempt to build the body and get your body all bulked up without the support of required diet will not suffice. Training must be leveraged on proper nutrition otherwise your thrust at building your body into a bulk muscle pack will remain a pipe dream. Training and nutrition is the only successful combination otherwise your effort will yield nothing and you will get your self frustrated. Following a body building diet does not necessarily mean that you have to starve yourself. Many people have always mistaken dieting with the warped notion of foregoing food in order to lose unwanted body fat. All you need is to be guided on how to select and make good use of healthy food.

One of the chief principles of a body building diet is eating many frequent meals in the course of the day. As a body builder you have to abandon that traditional routine of guzzling down three meals a day. There are two basis reasons for this. The first one if that when you eat frequently you boost your metabolic processes and this results in the burning of a lot of fat as well as muscle gain. The second reason why you have to abandon the three meals a day routine is that the spacing of the meals in the breakfast, lunch and supper only framework results in overeating which in turn results in fat accumulation. This is the last condition you would want to find yourself in as a body builder.

What you need to understand about the dears of spaced eating intervals is that your body naturally turns on the catabolic state after three hours of no food. This state is bad news for you as it entails the loss of muscle

and gaining of fat. This results from the fact the body will be sensing, falsely so that you are starving and starts implementing self-sustaining measures which in fact are retrogressive to your to your objectives. The working solution in the frequent feeding schedule is to have about 6 meals a day instead of three and make sure that your meals are spaced at 2 and a half hour intervals.

Upon the matter of nutrition the other important factor to consider is the matter of ensuring that your body building diet is balanced a balanced diet especially for a body builder means that you have carbs in your diet as well as proteins and healthy fats. If your diet is not balanced you body will be forced into a condition of storing carbs into fat and this is the condition that you do want to find your self in as a body builder. The other critical principle in body building dieting is to ensure that your calories are cycled. This simply entails that you have to follow routine of two days of lower calories followed by a five days of higher calories, this will help you increase your muscle gain while the five days of lower caloric intake in two days will the ideal routine in cases where fat has to be to be lost.

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