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What are the Best Ab Workouts?

by other on April 10, 2011

Ab Workouts-Debra Stefan, Personal TrainerWhether you have taken up running, joined a gym or purchased some workout equipment, Ab Workouts also need to be done.

For lots of people, the shape of their abs are an indicator of what overall shape they are in. Obviously, the truth is that health is more complicated than that but wanting healthy and well toned abs is certainly understandable.

This article will go over some of the more effective Ab Workouts that you can add to your exercise routine.


Just about one of the best Ab Workouts that you can do, especially for your lower abs, is reverse crunches.

Lots of people do the regular more popular crunches that you’re already familiar with and those are fine. However, you need to vary your technique to fully train the entire length of the abdominal area by working from both upper and lower body angles. So instead of utilizing the weight of the upper body in lifting to load the abs, just keep the upper body down while lifting the lower body. Whereas with a normal crunch, your knees are bent with feet on the floor. No matter what workout routine you choose, reverse crunches are a great addition to your Ab Workouts. 

Ab Workouts in Reverse

To do the reverse crunch you lift the feet off the floor, in a bent-leg position, while having arms down alongside the body on the floor with hands pressing down for control. Perform each crunch repetition without strain. Maintaining a bent-knee position, lift legs until knees are above the chest. Lower with control until feet touch down then repeat. If you cannot achieve the hip lift you will still benefit from the repetitions. Your abs should feel some pressure.

Ab Workouts on a Mini Trampoline

You may not think of trampolines as one of the ideal Ab Workouts, but in many ways they are. There’s another fantastic option for getting the benefits of a trampoline in your house, especially if you don’t have a lot of space: the mini trampoline. A sporting goods store and the Internet are the best places to look for one of these. Lots of people have fun while jumping on a trampoline and these things can offer lots of great and low impact aerobic exercises for your entire body. You can find instructional DVDs, books or websites that can teach you some specific exercises, but simply bouncing up and down is itself good exercise that burns calories and tones the whole body, including your abs.

Ab Workouts in the Form of Cardio

You might think that Ab Workouts are exercises that specifically target the ab region but working your cardio system is just as important, especially when you want to burn fat around your mid section. There are lots of good cardiovascular exercises that you can do, like running, speed walking or using cardio machines like treadmills, exercise bicycles or elliptical machines. Just thirty minutes of cardio every day, when paired with targeted exercises for your abdominal muscles, will make a large difference in your overall fitness levels. It will be easier for people to see your ab muscles because your mid section will have lost fat. The ab workouts discussed above are only a few of the many choices you have. It is a good idea to switch up your workout routine every once in a while because it helps you work different groups of muscles and keeps your routines interesting. Anyone can get bored when you do the exact same workout all the time. Also, the body easily adapts to whatever it is that you do over a period of 4-6 weeks and your results will plateau. What matters most is that you exercise at least three t0 five times every week regardless of whether you perform actual Ab Workouts each and every time.

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