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Learn How To Improve Your Immune System Using These Tips

by other on February 26, 2011

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People can get sick all year long but winter months looks like it’s particularly rough on the immune system. There is a reason that the winter time is dubbed “flu season.” The colder weather, the harsher conditions-they all bring about a weakened immune system. It’s difficult to protect against the flu when you are fighting to stay warm. It’s hard to keep the colds away while you are stuck inside a stuffy office or house all day and can’t get any fresh air. A house that never has opened windows is a mating ground for cold germs. Here are some things that can be done to further improve your immune system.

Exercise frequently. Regular training can make you sweat and increases your endorphins. Not only will it help you stay fit and regulate your weight, getting regular exercise will make your immune system stronger too. The endorphins that will spike through your whole body don’t just help keep your mood elevated during the cold and dark months of winter. They help your immune system stay vitalized and that makes it easier to keep infections from setting in. Studies point out that getting five days of training every week can lessen the number of sick days you take from work by just about half.

Massages are good. There are lots of reasons to treat oneself to a indulging “spa day.” Swedish massage, specifically, has proven useful in fighting off infection. Massages can help raise your blood circulation and will activate the cells that are most appropriate in keeping cold and flu germs from infecting the body. Not only that but buying a forty five minute Swedish rub down can help you relax. When you don’t have a heap of anxiety weighing you down, it is easier do to all sorts of things!

You might be tempted to stay away from folks for “flu season.” After all, if you don’t spend a lot of time around other folks you won’t be as likely to contract a thing that makes you sick, right? While theoretically that’s accurate. The fact that social interaction, especially with people you like (your friends) raises your mood is also true. There is not any logical proof as to why the immune system functions better when you’re happy, but it does. You really need those afternoon lunches filled with fun and laughter to remain healthy. Do not steer clear of your friendships. There are all sorts of things which can be done to fight off colds, flues and other conditions but nothing can compare to the boost your immune system receives when you are having fun with your friends and are happy.

Staying healthy in the winter doesn’t need to be a challenge. In fact, a lot of the things that you might be tempted to avoid may be the very things that help you stay healthy. Obviously, before you get all gung ho and look at something fresh, you should talk to your doctor. Your doctor may have some surprising tips for helping you fight off the flu during “flu season.”

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