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Senior Fitness Retreat With An Elvis Sighting!

by other on February 19, 2011

Elvis Sighting at Live-In Fitness

Senior Fitness- Lose Weight & Get In Shape at Las Vegas Live-in Fitness

 Without Getting All Shook Up!

Senior Fitness clients striving to regain optimal fitness levels…

… to enjoy an active retirement lifestyle are the largest group of new exercisers. Good news is that it is never too late to improve your functional fitness and increase your physical well-being.

Working toward retirement often causes sedentary habits due to technology in the workplace. Also, the loss of free time can deprive you of your favorite pastimes such as golf, tennis, bicycling, even going to the gym.

Senior Fitness is the key to retirement enjoyment.

Not all retirement-aged seniors are actually retired. Many continue to pursue various streams of revenue although they may not work for an employer. Finding time to schedule physical activity is an important element in living a wellness lifestyle. This is why healthcare providers have provided incentives for Senior Fitness. Silver Sneakers fitness programs start you at a level of seated participation long before you advance out of the chair and onto your feet. Conditioning can be accomplished at any level whether remaining seated or moving about.

Senior Fitness Retreat GoalsAn article about Senior Fitness motivation would not be complete without talking about great sources of natural motivation.

As with any client of any age, fitness trainers do well to find out what motivates the client to adhere to the disciplines of fitness. Without this, most individuals will be on and off again without accumulating much progress along the way. This dilemma can be more wear and tear than actually building one’s health. Hence, the importance of taking a page out of the exercise Psychology primer to first figure out the motivational drivers. With most seniors this is the easy part.

Grandchildren Motivate Senior Fitness

Our Senior Fitness poster model depicted here with Elvis arrived at Las Vegas Live In Fitness with a goal to lose weight. Shortly afterward, she determined clear-cut short and long-term goals. These included balance training and cardio conditioning. She also made personal goals to qualify for medical release from certain medications causing side effects such as weight gain, dizziness, and loss of equilibrium. Fall prevention became a focus and dramatic progress has been seen daily. Highest on her list of things to accomplish is the ability to get down on the floor with grandchildren and be able to get back up again without assistance. She succeeded within ten days of Senior Fitness conditioning!

Having fun bonding with family is a key to fitness at any age. Older adults cannot take for granted the functional fitness that they once enjoyed. Senior Fitness must be a daily goal and maintained for life. A wellness lifestyle is attained when you possess the physical abilities to perform life’s daily tasks with ease and with a reserve left over for play. Senior Fitness is even more important for maintaining fundamental abilities for enjoying life.


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