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Build Your Own Awesome and FREE IPhone 3G Stand/Sync/Charge Station Using Apple’s Packaging

by Cell Phone Protection on January 14, 2011

Build Your Own FREE iPhone 3G Stand/Cradle/Docking/Charging Station Using Apple’s Packaging! It is quick, easy, and classy

PLEASE READ before project launch:

*Since I’m unsure of how the iPhone 3G is packaged in other regions of the world, I can only vouch for the US and its carrier, AT&T

After purchasing the unit, I was in a hurry to have a docking station using OEM components. Nothing was cost-effective or quick enough for me, so I decided to make a DIY unit with nothing to buy.

- Uses Apple’s included OEM accessories with nearly nothing else to buy! I built mine for FREE
- Takes full advantage of the superb packaging design and material provided with your product, so the result can be very professional, functional, and elegant
- Allows your unit to display, charge, and sync in any orientation
- No metallic material used so it will not scratch or damage your product
- Less than 20 minutes to construct, including adhesive setting time (may vary based on your adhesive and skill level)

- Make sure to secure and protect the iPhone during the build and also to make fine adjustments over a soft surface
- You might only have ONE SHOT at this, so take your time, make proper measurements and use a hard-edge to guide your cutting
- The acrylic material I used is from the packaging of an iPod Nano. However, I can think of an assortment of acrylic or plastic parts that can be substituted, i.e.: cassette tape case, home video cassette case, business card holder, etc. OR, simply buy pieces of clear Lexan or acrylic from your home improvement store
- For additional protection and grip to hold the phone in place, try a thin layer of silicone sealant, small pieces of double-sided tape, or rubber spray coating. Mine doesn’t have any additional grip and I have my ringtone on the loudest setting with vibration and the phone stays intact when vibrating
- The thin black foam pad is under the box-top of your iPhone 3G
- Test your epoxy to bond the edges of an old CD case and use the epoxy sparingly to avoid overflow into visible areas. Use rubbing alcohol, acetone, or a similar agent to clean excess adhesive
- The glued/adhesive surface can be easily masked with material found inside of the packaging. Mine is masked with the back of an iPod booklet that says, "designed by Apple in California"
- Test all orientations of your setup before you glue. The angles on my setup allows me to keep the vibration "on" without the phone escaping the cradle
- This setup may not work with your case/skin, however, the black PS plastic can be easily modified to fit your case…or, challenge your creativity and modify it to your liking
- You may need to add ballast weight to your cradle base to overcome the rigidity of the sync/charge cord. For simplicity, you can charge/sync in upside-down portrait orientation
- The clock application I use is GoodNite Lite, which is free

- Thanks for your time, I hope you enjoy it. I’m very curious to see what everyone comes up with. Since we only have one shot, what you see in the video is my first and only attempt
- Please let me know of any creative mods you come up with using the iPhone 3G’s packaging (or other Apple products), especially for your vehicle

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Click here to watch the video (05:46)

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