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Maintain Functionality with Latest Prostate Cancer Treatment

by Cell Phone Protection on December 24, 2010

Dr. Scott Tropper talks about how Calypso minimizes prostate radiation side effects for his patients. Calypsos GPS for the Body technology tracks the prostate in real-time during cancer radiation treatments. Calypsos precise real-time tracking allows for increased radiation dose, which improves the prognosis for prostate cancer recovery while reducing side effects from the cancer radiation treatment. Distributed by Tubemogul.
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Mesothelioma Treatment Options Lung Cancer And Treatments

A lot of elements determine lung cancer survival rates. This kind of cancer, the phase it is at once diagnosed, and the general status of the affected person altogether represent a function in ascertaining lung cancer survival rate.Because they are both delicate and vital to sustaining life, diseases that affect these organs often have grim prognoses.

Generally speaking, the goal of this option is to reduce symptoms that more traditional methods do not address. Some patients also prefer them over pharmacological pain or nausea intervention because of the reduced risk of side effects.Smoking is one of the greatest risk factor of lung cancer. It is estimated that 9 out of 10 lung cancer cases are caused by smoking.
It is estimated that about 9,000 men and 900 women develop lung cancer annually due to workplace exposure of known carcinogenic compounds.

Cigarette smoking is the main cause of this disease and is believed to be responsible for over 80% of the occurrences. Other causes of malignancy in the lung include over exposure to asbestos, arsenic, beryllium, chromium, coal products, ionizing radiation, iron oxide, nickel, petroleum, uranium, and various other chemicals.lung cancerlung tumorlung cancer treatments
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