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What is Holistic Allergy Therapy?

by Cell Phone Protection on November 22, 2010

By Stephen Presbury

As originally defined, allergy is an unusual physical response to any substance in a person’s environment, the environment being anything that a person touches, inhales, has injected, drinks, eats or otherwise contacts. Nowadays, the term allergy diagnos is often reserved for an over-reaction – a hypersensitivity to common substances which are referred to as allergens or antigens e…..

Allergies, Causes, Symptoms and Therapy

By Real Pharmacy

An allergy is an exaggerated immune response or reaction to substances that are typically not harmful.


Allergy symptoms are relatively common. Each genetics and environmental components play a role.

The immune system normally protects the body in opposition to dangerous substances, reminiscent of bacteria and viruses. It additionally reacts to international substances referred to as allergens, which are usually innocent and in most peopl…. – Allergies and Allergens, what are Allergies, the types of allergies, and what causes them

By Jessy Vee

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The immune system is positioned to protect our bodies from harmful and strange substances. This includes dirt, germs, bacteria and viruses. From time to ….

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