Depo-Provera Tied to Breast Cancer RiskEarly pregnancy lowers breast cancer riskEarly pregnancy lowers breast cancer riskOlive Oil Rich Mediterranean Diet May Reduce Breast Cancer RiskOlive Oil Rich Mediterranean Diet May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk
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Breast cancer risk reduced if women make lifestyle changes: Report

by Cell Phone Protection on December 21, 2011

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Institute of Medicine found no link between breast cancer risk and cell phone radiation, BPA

The 10 biggest stories of 2011 in mobile tech

For Americans who own cell phones or other mobile devices, 2011 ushered in a whirlwind of news.

Swedish Man Wears a Silver Suit to Avoid Cell Phone Radiation

A Swedish man has taken to walking about his home town in a silver suit to protect him from electro-magnetic radiation that he says is making him ill.

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