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Airtube Headsets Used for Cell Phone Radiation and Driving

by Cell Phone Protection on December 17, 2011

Cellular phones use electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range for wireless communication. When you use a cell phone, these EMF radiations are passing through your body. While the amount of radiation is miniscule, it has the potential to cause serious damage in long term usage. Let us face the facts: most of us are glued to our cell phones all day, hence the possibility of long term damage is inevitable.
Prolonged exposure to this radiation greatly increases the possibility of contracting cancer. EMF radiation has also been linked with brain cell damage and increased incidences of testicular cancer in men, and ovarian cancer in women. Pregnant mothers are cautioned not to use cell phones as it may affect their unborn child. The increase in cell phone usage has also resulted in a rash of driving fatalities.
One popular method of protecting oneself from the harmful effects of EMF radiation is by the use of wired headsets. These enable the user to talk freely yet at the same time keep the cell phone away from sensitive areas such as the brain. However, what most people fail to realise is that these wires may themselves conduct EMF radiation. In fact some studies have shown that they may actually increase the levels of EMF radiation being directed to the brain. One effective method of minimizing EMF radiation is through the use of Air Tube headsets.
Air tube headsets utilize an air-filled wireless tube to deliver crystal clear sound to the ear pieces. The absence of a wire negates the possibility of harmful EMF radiation affecting your body. These headsets also feature a tangle-free cord and a unique ear piece system that will let you communicate safely with your loved ones, even when you are driving. These units are ergonomically and stylishly designed, and best of all, the audio quality is vastly superior to conventional wired headsets.
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