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How To “remote Control” Your IPod With Your Cell / Mobile Phone

by Cell Phone Protection on December 15, 2011

This video shows how to "remote control" your iPod with your cell / mobile phone. In detail, it shows how a cell / mobile phone during a call emits enough electromagnetic radiation to effect the iPods capacitive sensing click wheel, and thus adjust the volume. The phone is a Siemens ME45 using the GSM-standard. The iPod is an Apple iPod Video 60 GB.
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Submitted By: nicewalker

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Protection Against Mobile Radiations!

In This Video, I’ll show you how to add a simple accessory to your mobile phone that can protect you and your family from the bad mobile radiations which may cause "Cancer" to your brain. It’s too easy, let’s see how!
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Submitted By: Ibrahim Darwish

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