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Fast Muscle Gain – is it useless?

by other on October 27, 2011

Welcome to my brief overview of Fast Muscle Gain. In this overview I will respond to those burning questions for anyone interested in this product.

Can I have a refund if I don’t want it? The quick answer: yes! Payments for this product are processed through Clickbank – and they offer a 60-day no-quibble guarantee for all products. So you can be confident you can get a refund.

Fast Muscle Gain – what does it do? Okay, let’s hear directly from the horse’s mouth on this one and look at what they say with regards to themselves on the website:

- Proven step by step muscle building diet
- How to structure a training routine to reduce gym time and increase your results. (Yes! Imagine less time at the gym without compromising your results. Wouldn't that be nice? )  
- Carry out your plan. Follow your plan consistently, without fail, until you reach your goal. And by tracking your results along the way, you get motivation to keep on going.

Can it be a rip-off? Well, there is really one straightforward way to find this out for a digital product: what is the refund rate? Products with a high refund rate are sometimes a scam. This, obviously, makes a lot of sense – if it’s a scam, then a lot of people will be requesting a refund. In the case of Fast Muscle Gain the approximate refund rate is 1.40%, which is extremely low and tells us this product is highly unlikely to be a scam.

Are there any bonuses available? (and exactly what is a bonus? ) Certain sites have taken to offering what’s called a ‘bonus’. It’s a bit like a free Coke when you buy a hamburger – a thank you for purchasing via their link. In the example of Fast Muscle Gain, there is a bonus on offer – see link elsewhere in the page.

Is it worth purchasing? Fast Muscle Gain features lots of verifiable testimonials from happy customers on its internet site. Reading these testimonials is frequently a good way of judging if the product meets your needs. Obviously, that really should not be your sole research. A product owner can put anything on their website – you need to back up their claims with an impartial review. – see the hyperlink at the end of this report for one such Fast Muscle Gain review, which gives the product a score of 4.44/5.

What next? I’ve already been through all of the primary questions that prospective customers have when it comes to this product . Before making that last purchasing decision, I suggest you have a look at the full review sheet (see link in this article). There you can find out whether you can find any additional complimentary products, any discount rates and any bonuses offered. You can additionally find details of the purchase Fast Muscle Gain bonus stated previously. Now, go there now (see web page link elsewhere on this page) and you’ll be able to look at the product report for Fast Muscle Gain.

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