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Healthy Slimming Coffee

by other on October 23, 2011

Today, our preference in coffee is about as complicated as the stock market. Being a barista nowadays is like catering to hundreds of people who flock the coffee shop, each wanting a different version of a popular drink whether a cappuccino, a latte, or an espresso with a ‘touch’ of cinnamon or half and half; in decaf or double and triple – it’s seriously like a whole language!

The reason why there are many kinds of coffee available is simply because coffee is a cross over star; in every culture there is some version of coffee. From the Hawaiian Islands to the country of Colombia, people have cultivated different varieties of the bean to cater to the world’s appetite for coffee. But what are the benefits of coffee?

According to, drinking 1-2 cups of coffee per day can lessen your risk for type 2 diabetes, dementia and Parkinson’s disease. Coffee can also help you exercise better because it helps boost your stamina and burn more calories. There is actually a kind of coffee that may help you with weight loss. It is made up of a mushroom called Ganoderma lucidum.

In Japan, Ganoderma lucidum is known as Reishi mushroom. In the wild, Reishi has a white core, brown middle layer and a reddish exterior and grows on dead wood. Although unlike other mushrooms, Reishi cannot be eaten as itself – the Chinese prefer to immerse the mushroom in hot water and drink it as tea. Reishi has been called the magic herb because it has therapeutic effects on several body organs like the heart, blood, stomach/intestine and the liver.

Did you know that Emperors and members of the royal court drank Reishi tea because they believed that it possesses properties that will help prolong life? Also called Ling Zhi, this magic herb has been a part of eatern medicine for the last 2000 years and has been called the miracle mushroom because of its numerous health benefits which includes:

1. Anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties
2. Promotes a healthy cardiovascular and circulatory system
3. Reishi also has properties that may help you to sleep better
4. Its anti-oxidant properties also help delay cell damage and aging.
5. Reishi coffee can also help lessen the untoward side effects of chemotherapy
6. Reishi coffee also helps in giving you good digestion and excretion of waste. It prevents absorption of fat and retention of toxins and also helps speed up your metabolism. Those who are experiencing constipation can also benefit from drinking Reishi coffee.

So how do you get your hands on some Reishi? Well, there are a lot of online sellers out there, but I suggest you go for brands that are approved or recognized by the Food and Drug administration for safety. Up to now, there is still no concrete scientific evidence linking Reishi with weight loss but there is also no evidence showing side effects to drinking coffee made from Reishi. Aside from the coffee version, there is also a tea and supplement form of this wonder mushroom.

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