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Build Muscle Without Weights – Secrets to Weightless Muscle Building

by other on October 21, 2011

Build Muscle Without Weights – Secrets to Weightless Muscle Building


Many people believe that you cannot build muscle without lifting heavy weights. It is entirely true that it is a lot easier to build muscle while lifting heavy weights, but it can be done without the use of weights or supplements. The key to build muscle without weights is to keep your body moving and training consistently throughout each week.




The main source of you building muscle will be the number of repetitions that you do every time that you work out. This means that if you do more repetitions you will gain more muscle. When you build muscle in the absence of weights you want to increase the speed at which you do the exercises.


Many people believe that building muscle without weights is more advantageous in the long run. People believe that this will prepare your body better for lifting heavy weights at a later stage. This means that when you finally do start to use weights you will have better results in the long run.


Workout Intensity


Intensifying your workouts is a great way to increase the speed at which you build muscle. Increasing the number of repetitions that you do is good, but increasing the intensity of each repetition will give you better results. It also helps to minimize the amount of rest you get between each set. You do not have to eliminate rest instantly, but you can slowly or gradually begin to reduce the amount of rest that you give to yourself.


Decreasing resting time along with the amount of time that you work out every day will also help you gain muscle mass more quickly. A major time commitment is necessary on your part if you want to build muscle without the use of weights.


Try This Classic Technique


For years, building muscle without the use of weights was done by using a technique called motion and tension. The way you do this is by flexing your muscles extremely tightly while moving very slowly. This training technique is often used in martial arts training.


There are tons of online instructions on how to use this effective technique. It is important that you do this technique in combination with cardio. Building muscle without weights can be extremely easy and enjoyable if you have a positive attitude!

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