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Fun Facts About Trampolines

by other on October 21, 2011

Trampolines for sale have made a huge comeback, especially now that more and more people are becoming aware of their many uses. For one, exercise trampolines obviously have health benefits.  It improves one’s cardio. There are also relaxation techniques now that can be done on the trampoline. Pilates and Aerobics instructors are starting to incorporate the use of trampolines into their routine, seeing that it adds more variety and benefits.  And, of course, trampolines are simply fun to use!

More Options Available

Did you know there are many types of trampolines? Competitive trampolines are considered the strongest trampolines produced today. They were initially utilized by athletes as they were extremely compact and lightweight-they can actually be folded while being transported. Then there’s the recreational trampoline, which is available in various sizes that can accommodate just one individual to many. You can even choose its shape, which can be circular, rectangular or octagonal. The mini trampoline are ideal for smaller living spaces. There are even water trampolines available, which can float in the water via an inflatable tube.

Great Tool For Exercise

Because using a trampoline is low-impact, just about anyone can use it for exercise. Jumping on a rebounder helps improve the muscles of your back and legs as well as your endurance without the boredom. You can also spice things up by putting on an aerobics video and doing your routine on a trampoline. This is definitely more fun and challenging, and bouncing takes away a lot of stress from exercising.

Other Benefits You May Not Know About

Using a trampoline has been recommended for kids with disabilities and those who suffer from cystic fibrosis or brain damage. It has actually been observed that this assists children in developing better coordination. Jumping on a rebound has also been found to enhance energy levels, improve the immune system, stimulate metabolism and encourage good blood circulation.

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