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Your Guide to Using a Fitness Trampoline

by other on October 12, 2011

There are many individuals these days that dread having to go to the gym just to keep fit. Gyms are just expensive and for others, it just feels uncomfortable working out with a lot of other people in the same building. The good news is you don’t have to go to the gym to stay fit. In fact, using a trampoline alone can improve your overall health and physical strength considerably.

There are standard recreational trampolines and there are fitness trampolines. Fitness trampoline, also referred to as mini trampoline or an exercise trampoline, is designed specifically for those who want to use a trampoline for exercise and health purposes.

Using a trampoline to stay fit is just like regular exercise.  First, you always start off with a warm up and end the workout session by cooling down. To warm up on a trampoline, lightly bounce on it to get used to the sensation. This could take a few minutes or more. Now intensify your warm up by placing your feet hip-wide apart and bouncing on the exercise trampoline without lifting up your toes. You may then start your workout by walking in place.

A fitness trampolines for sale can be used in various ways and not just bouncing up and down. There are several ways of using it and improving your cardio. You can “ski” on it by jumping your feet back and forth across the bed. Of course, this could take some practice but once you gain strength and endurance, it will become much easier to do. You can even do dips or push-ups using the rim of the trampoline, considering it is sturdy enough. You can get a great workout routine by purchasing a video specially made for exercising with a trampoline. You can be creative about using the trampoline without being self-conscious, as you do not have to do it in front of other individuals like in the gym.  Just remember to always keep your safety in mind though and don’t try out dangerous stunts and flips.

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