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11 Cell Phone Safety Tips to Minimize Radiation Exposure

by Cell Phone Protection on October 9, 2011

By Kalon Prensky

  ”The voluntary exposure of the brain to microwaves from hand-held mobile phones… is the largest human biological experiment ever.”

Professor Leif Salford, Head of Research at Lund University, Sweden

The BIG Question! Are we on the verge of a health crisis of epidemic proportions due to lack of cell phone protection?

Scientists and Doctors agree that this emerging time of wireless technology is wreaking havoc on our health as a nation and a world. An estimated 30-50,000 cases annually worldwide, of brain and eye cancer are being attributed to cell phone use. WiFi is now also under scrutiny. Dr. George Carlo, former chief scientist of the cell phone industry’s $28 million safety research project, predicts 500,000 new cases of brain and eye cancer each year by 2010 attributable to cell phone use.

What are the risks involved with wireless technologies?

You, your family, children and pets are all at significant risk. Children are of particularly high risk due to their thin and still forming skulls and nervous systems.

“Brain Tumors Now Cause More Deaths Among Children than Any Other Forms of Cancer.” According to a Sydney TV News Report. You can also watch a special video report, “The Invisible Dangers of EMF Radiation”.

Recent studies reveal that cell phone use and WiFi technology are linked to health problems. Invisible radiation from cell phones, microwaves, computers, cordless phones, electrical wiring in homes and office buildings and more are all contributors to health problems such as: neck and shoulder pain, headaches, brain tumors, high blood pressure, cancer, brain and eye tumors, Alzheimer’s, and more.

It can take years for many of these dis-eases to occur due to the latency period, however the effects are cumulative. It is better to be safe than sorry. This biological experiment has gone too far and it’s up to you and me to take responsibility for our own health and the wellbeing of our family members.

11 Cell Phone Protection Tips to Minimize Radiation Exposure:

1. Minimize cell phone use by keeping calls short and only using for essential calls. Just 2 minutes on a cell phone call has been shown to alter the natural electrical activity of the brain for up to an hour.

2. Use a speaker on your cell phone if possible. Keeping the phone away from the body and head helps minimize exposure to radiation.

3. Limit use of cell phones by children to emergency only. Due to their thin skull and developing body’s, radiation can penetrate much more deeply.

4. Avoid wired headsets. Regular wired headsets have been shown to act as an antenna, attracting additional EMFs (Electro-Magnetic Fields) or radiation and concentrating it in the ear canal.

5. Keep your cell phone out of your pocket and off your belt when on or in use. Body tissue in the lower body area absorbs radiation more quickly than the head. One study shows that men who wear cell phones near their groin are at risk of reduced sperm count by up to 30 percent.

6. Avoid using the cell phone in enclosed metal spaces. Vehicles and elevators may require the device to work harder in establishing a connection. The metal also acts as a Faraday cage, trapping the radiation and reflecting it back upon the occupants.

7. Wait for the call to connect before placing phone next to the ear. More radiation is present during the connection time.

8. Avoid using the phone if the signal strength is down to one bar or less. This means the phone must work harder to establish a connection.

9. When purchasing a cell phone, choose one with low SAR (Specific Absorption Rate). The SAR level is listed in most phone instruction manuals. SAR is a way of measuring the quantity of radiofrequency (RF) energy absorbed by the body. A lower number equals less absorption. However, studies reveal that RF hundreds of times lower than current SAR limits still show biological effects.

10. Take antioxidant nutritional supplements. Free radicals in the body have been shown to create accelerated wear and tear, aging and degeneration. Cell phone and microwave radiation have been shown to decrease levels of these antioxidants in the body. Antioxidants such as Coenzyme Q10, Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD), vitamin C, Picnoginal, Melatonin and others are protective agents against internal and external environmental stressors.

11. Utilize the Cell Phone Protection of a Scientifically Validated EMF Guard Device. Cell phone and microwave radiation and electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) deplete your bioenergy field and immune system. Since most people can not imagine living without a cell phone, the best option is to utilize an advanced technology now available, which significantly strengthens your bioenergy field and guards the body from the cumulative effects of repeated EMF exposure. EMFs weaken the body’s ability to repair itself. Since radiation and EMFs are extremely prevailent, even when not using a cell phone, additional protection devices have been made for people, pets and home or office wiring. Some industry experts predict that we are on the verge of a health crisis that could cripple our current health care infrastructure. Now is the time to protect yourself and family.

The damaging effects of EMFs, cell phone radiation and wireless radiation pose an extreme public health risk. Don’t wait for the cumulative effects of this highly detrimental force to become fully realized in your life. Take action and protect yourself and your family. Some industry experts predict that we are on the verge of a health crisis that could cripple our current health care infrastructure.

* We now experience 100 million times more EMF exposure than our grandparents

* 40% increase in brain tumors in last 20 years in Australia

* Autism in children increased 30-fold

* 21% increase in brain tumors in children

* 25% increase in brain cancer worldwide

Note: This article is shared for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. If you believe that you have a health problem, see your doctor or health professional immediately.

Article Source : Article King Pro – Free Reprints and Distribution

For over 24 years Kalon Prensky has been a writer, educator and health advocate. He specializes in teaching about cell phone protection, Cold Lasers cold laser therapy and healing technologies. Copyright 2007

Is Your Cell Phone Safe – Believe It Or Not They Are A Security Risk

By Adam O’Connor

  Are you sure? Believe it or not, cell phones are a security risk. Not that you can possibly live without talking to your friends and playing Tetris while listening to MP3s. But yes, cell phones are a risk. Consider 5 worst case scenarios and better yet, the alternative to panicking over the situation.

1. Stolen Sidekick

So your cell phone has been stolen! Or lost, more likely. Most people simply take lost cell phones they find rather than pickpocketing them. If you have a special model, such as a Palm Treo, Razr Killer or T-Mobile Sidekick then obviously unscrupulous individuals will want to take your phone and listen to their own MP3s. The first step is to call your provider and let them know the phone has been lost. Ask them to disable any outgoing calls. Also ask about a replacement phone. Some service providers offer a replacement phone depending on the selected service plans. (Be sure that, if you have replacement phone coverage, that they are replacing your phone with a brand new one, not a refurbished one.)

2. Cell Phones In School

Misbehaving in school is a national pastime. Naturally children or teenagers with cell phones are bound to abuse their privileges sooner or later. One risk is that they get caught playing during the assignment and their luxury Sony/Ericsson or Motorola phone gets confiscated. There are also concerns for cell phone theft and robbery on school grounds. Many cell phones come with security devices or protective accessories to help people of ages keep their phones functioning and prevent loss or damage.

3. Cell Phones and Driving

Did you know that some politicians want to ban cell phone use while driving? While it’s debatable if this should take place, it is true that talking on a cell phone will hinder your ability to drive. Face it, checking your email and browsing the web on an LG Fusic or Nokia N91 can be an involved task and one second later, you could be in a car accident. For your own protection, be very careful when speaking on a cell phone in traffic, use a hands-free set, and try to limit the time as much as possible. Better yet, stop the car, then make your calls.

4. Diseased Cell Phones For Sale

Some people claim that cell phones could contribute to bad health. Some scientists even speculate that rare types of cancerous tumors could develop from heavy cellular use. However, no conclusive evidence has ever been produced that links ill health effects with cellular phones. If sure evidence of mutation or disease comes to light, surely cell phones would be done away with, much the same way American has turned its back on tobacco products.

5. Cell Phones Without Plans

Worst case scenario! A cell phone that doesn’t work for you! Don’t panic. There are several big wireless providers from Verizon to Motorola Razr and they are generously willing to accept your money. Seriously, whether you want low monthly payments with just emergency chat time, or anytime anywhere minutes at a set monthly price, there’s a plan for you. If there are cell phones for soldiers stationed halfway across the globe, then there’s a plan for you. Most service providers feature cell phone reviews on their website detailing plans as well as phone features.

Don’t panic! There’s a solution to your worries so as long as you have your Smart Phone around. Between you and the super electronic device you hold, you’re bound to figure it all out.

Adam O’Connor is the owner of which provides free information on cell phones and smart phones. He is an expert in this industry and his website helps people find free cell phone reviews.

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