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3 Fitness Motivation Tips Especially for Women

by other on October 7, 2011

Lots of women are anxious to find out what really works for fitness motivation. You can’t turn on the TV or look in a magazine without seeing women with fit, toned bodies, and this influences us. We can’t all look like models, but we still care about our appearance. You don’t have to be unrealistic about what’s possible, but you still want to look your best and as attractive as possible. We just seem to be wired in a way that makes looking good important to us. But motivation to begin a fitness regimen or keep one going isn’t always there for so many. The key to success is to become knowledgeable about the subject. Finding a system that’s appropriate for you is all you actually need. You may find some of the fitness motivation techniques for women that follow useful for you.

Some women can motivate themselves by referring to another time in their lives. They think back to a time when they were very dissatisfied with how they looked. For many, that helps them to keep going and achieve their new fitness and physical goals. This can be done either using props or just your imagination. Some women put old photographs in conspicuous places where they will be easily reminded. Or you can just use mental imagery and remember this time. It’s helpful to set goals, so that you have something specific to aim for. One quality that you can use to help you along with your exercise program is your intuition. You can be confident that if something isn’t right, your body or thoughts will let you know. You may notice, for example, that on some days, you feel completely “spaced out” and the cause isn’t obvious. The main point is not to allow yourself to be carried in a downward spiral by negative emotions. Sometimes, getting too much sleep can leave you feeling just as tired as when you didn’t get enough. Make every effort to never allow yourself to miss more than one, or two at the most, work out sessions. Think of every workout you miss as a step further away from your goals.

The dire effects of over training are experienced by many women. When you are highly motivated and nothing seems to stop you, you run the risk of being slowed down by over training. Similar to burn out, over training can be very frustrating, especially if you don’t realize that’s what happening right away. You will suffer more frequently from a feeling of “the thrill is gone.”

This issue is easily fixed by taking a break from high intensity workouts. Slowing down and listening to your body is the best thing to do. You will know when it is time to get back into it.

The issue of fitness motivation for women is a serious one that we all have to deal with at some point in our journey. Everyone has certain difficult spots when it comes to pursuing their exercise and fitness programs. It’s not only you who has issues in this area, so don’t feel bad about it. All you need is that one, or that group of strategies that do the trick for you.

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