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The Various Indications and Conditions Related to Tinnitus

by other on October 5, 2011

For several years, the thought of tinnitus usually was linked to a ringing noise in the ears. Then again, while that is often encountered with this condition, there can be more to it than that. Based on US government statistics, approximately twelve percent of men from 65 to 75 years develop tinnitus. In addition, they discovered that Caucasians have a greater tendency to get this often severe hearing condition. Many instances of tinnitus are not serious and easily ignored. Then there exists some unknown percentage of people who develop it and then it gets better without any need for medication. The more severe cases of tinnitus may call for surgical procedures to stop the high level of noise.

One type of tinnitus that is most common is hearing different kinds of noises that only you can detect. But these are genuine noises that are perceived in a way that is just as genuine as anything else normally heard. The number of indivudals with severe tinnitus, in the US, is approximately one million and it causes problems during daily living. Many people think of ringing in the ears because that symptom is so prevalent among sufferers. If the volume of the sound, or interference, is low enough, then that does not present a real problem. It is very easy to direct your attention on something, like we all usually do, and you are not aware that the sound is present.

There is an unusual symptom in which the sound that is heard can be a snapping sound in unison with the heart beating. There is nonetheless a different dissonance that is detected, and that is a whirring sound. Then again there are other differences, such as the buzz happening at all times much like the ringing noise. Evidently, the volume level that this is sensed will determine how tolerable it can be. The vast majority of individuals suffering from tinnitus do not experience this condition to an extreme level. Our brain is highly flexible, and low pitched noise can ordinarily be ignored by the brain.

Not all evident signs of tinnitus connote there is a chronic problem. Anything that can cause the ear to get blocked, like if it is filled with water, can produce transient symptoms of tinnitus. But the moment the water or fluid inside the ear dries up, or drains out, then the noise will stop. Still another cause of temporary tinnitus is a strange amount of ear wax has gathered in the ear canal. Hence you should not assume you have permanent tinnitus depending on your individual circumstances.

However there is still more information you may want to be aware of. Subjective tinnitus is a tinnitus type whereby you are the only person who is able to hear the interference. Astonishingly, often those close by are able to pick up the noise from you, and doctors call objective tinnitus which seems unusual. With objective tinnitus, it is audible but hardly, and it is  hard  for another person  to  hear it.

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