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Does Exercising Cause Headaches?

by other on October 2, 2011

We all understand that if we wish to shed pounds we must get exercise on a regular basis. It does not matter what other people might tell you; you can’t lose weight just by sitting around. What not a many people realize, however, is that from time to time working out can literally be a pain. You’re probably currently prepared for such things as muscle aches and backaches and joint soreness but are you geared up for the exercise induced headache? Sadly, most people are afflicted by exercise caused headaches these days but the good news is that you can treat them and prevent them. Here is the way to achieve that.

Drink a lot of water: this is important in regular life but it is extra important after you work out. Headaches are often caused by dehydration and dehydration can manifest after a workout that has been successful and sweaty (sweat drains the body of fluid). Drinking beneficial quantities of water before your training session routines, during your work out and after you have finished working out can do quite a bit to help you keep the headaches at bay. This is typically usually all you’ll do to cure any headaches that turn up a while after your workouts too.

Proper warm ups along with cool downs are very important. Jumping straight into a workout can be a real shock to your system–blood rushes to all of the areas that you are working out and takes it out of your brain which often causes a headache to happen. When you complete a comprehensive warm up, your body will be able to slowly but surely raise the blood flow to the areas that need it and then redistribute it back during your cool down which gives the brain time to adapt to the flow changes.

Practice correct breathing methods while in your workouts and weight liftings. The brain demands continuous oxygen to be able to perform correctly and to survive. Most of us naturally hold our breath if we are executing something difficult but that just decreases the oxygen that is available for your brain. By breathing properly, you will keep a regular flow of oxygen working to your brain and, hopefully, keep the headaches away.

If you realize that the headaches are happening on a regular basis and the things that you have been trying usually are not helping you prevent them, you need to talk to your doctor. If your workouts or diet are causing your regular headaches then your doctor will be able to help you figure this out. It is possible that you might require medication to keep the headaches at bay. Your physician is able to help you figure out how to continue working out and losing weight without having to fight off headaches.

Nobody loves having headaches; in fact, most of us do pretty much everything we can think of to keep them at bay. The good news is that you don’t need to simply suffer through them. With the right prep and expertise you can prevent exercise induced headaches altogether.

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