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Are There Any Side Effects of hCG Diet

by other on September 28, 2011

You should find out about the side effects of any diets before trying them, especially if you have any medical conditions as you may then be not suitable for that diet. Therefore, if you are interested to try the hCG weight loss program, you should find out the problems that may arise from following the hCG diet and its side effects. Those who have tried the hCG diet and lost weight successfully have reported very little side effects as a result of the diet. Moreover, those reported side effects are ones that can occur when you follow most of the low calorie diet plans. The side effects that can occur during the diet phase of the hCG weight loss plan are light-headedness, headaches, light water retention, and irritability. If you are taking hCG injections rather than oral drops or pills of the hormone, then you may experience other side effects. You can have swelling and redness around the site of injection if you are injecting yourself with the hormone and are unsure of the correct method. Therefore, if you are unsure on how the correct way to inject yourself with the hormone, it is better for you to either ask a doctor to give you the hCG injections or opt for the oral hCG drops/pills. Taking the hCG hormone can also result in ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome (OHSS), which is a very uncommon side effect. It can cause pain in the stomach and pelvic, swelling, and shortness of breath. This normally happens during the first round of the hCG weight loss plan. If you encounter any of above mentioned side effects, inform your health care provider. Most of the time, weight loss programs involving the hCG hormone are about beneficial side effects. People who tried the hCG diet typically report that irritability, headaches, or other common side effects as a result of the hCG diet disappear after a couple of days. Instead they feel hungry less often and have lesser cravings than what they expected. In actual fact, side effects as a result of the hCG diet program are typically less than the risk that obesity can bring. A lot of the people who tried the hCG weight loss plan successfully have reported that they have lesser migraine headaches. People who have diabetes reported stability in their blood sugar level while others are stunned that they feel more energetic. A wonderful and crucial side effect of hCG is that it resets the hypothalamus gland. This increases your metabolic rate, and thus help you get rid of unwanted fats in your body quickly and in an efficient way. When you have shed the extra weight that has prevented you from participating in activities you enjoy, you also gain a brand new level of confidence. When you lose the redundant weight, your level of self-esteem increases to a new high too. In addition, you will look and feel better than before. Some people even reported that their skin now have a glow and feel taut as a result of the diet plan and hCG hormone. This is something they never experienced before. Therefore, consider the benefits and harms the side effects of the hCG diet and decide if the hCG diet plan is something you are interested in and want to have more information on it. You can find information on the hCG hormone and diet program from the Internet. If you are frustrated with Diet with HCG, then you may not know about this powerful method to lose weight with HCG, yet. Here is how to conquer the challenges caused by difficulty losing weight, today.

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