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Cell Phone Towers Radiation Dangers Part 1

by Cell Phone Protection on September 27, 2011

The general public are unware of the Radio Frequency radiation they are exposed to. Radiation is mostly related to radium, weapons, medical treatments, nuclear power plants and smoke detectors. Before we debate undercover cell towers and other many radiating antennas being installed with impunity, we should review the RF range.

This can be beneficial in knowing how the radio range has effects on us. We won’t debate HAARP, which is in itself a singular area of the radio range in the shortwave band. There are largely 2 kinds of damaging radiation ( excluding light like ultraviolet ) : A. State . CONTROLLED RADIOACTIVE SOURCES : Power plants, smoke detectors, hospital treatment sources, etc…
B. Rash RF EXPOSURE : Radio Frequency devices of many types. The RD range is controlled by the FCC in America, and other similar regulatory agencies that exist in other states around the globe thru world radio agreements.

Yet a lot of them seem to be extremely disinterested about health effects. We may focus on the latter in this esay – Rash RF EXPOSURE. RF signals are with no doubt an invisible form of pollution. Most of the people see a smokestack smoking and scream "OH ! Look at that pollution !" But as we’ll see, this isn’t actually the most immediate, major health jeopardy. What is understood about RF, is that unhealthy effects from it are related to a nearly infinte mix of each one of the 5 following factors : one. FREQUENCY – Certain frequencies are soaked up in the body more than others
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Reducing the Risk
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"’As the EMF/EMR health effects issue becomes more widely known, especially in relation to mobile phone use, there is a corresponding increasing number of so called EMF protective devices being advertised in health and alternative magazines as ‘cure-alls’ which apparently claim to provide complete protection from exposure to all forms of man made electromagnetic fields (EMF).’ There is a wide range of devices being offered that make all kinds of unsubstantiated claims."87
Earthpulse researched the devices being offered and other solutions to the problems related to cell and home portable phone use. It is not realistic to assume that use can be or should be eliminated as these devices have revolutionized communication and will continue to contribute to change. However, reducing power and radio frequency emissions can also be achieved. Significant effort should be made to determine which emissions are harmful and which can be used to perhaps promote health. There may be carriers and better ways to move the mountains of communications and information now creating much of our trade and commerce. Some suggestions are as follows:
1. Reducing use is universally regarded as the best step. Use by children should be eliminated. Indoor use increases exposure significantly because the signal strength require to create a connection from inside a car or building is much greater. Home portable phones should be replaced with the old style hard wired phones and cell phone use significantly reduced.
2. If still using a cell phone or portable home phone keep the phone away from the body when in standby mode. When in use hold the phone as far away from the head as possible. Even three or four inches can significantly reduce the exposure because the energy density drops very rapidly with distance from the body. Keep the antenna away from the head and pointing away from the body.88 "Radiation from all sources obeys the inverse square law. That is, the further you are from the source the less intense your exposure to the radiation. In fact, it drops off with the square of your distance from the source. If you are twice as far from a fire you feel one-quarter of the radiant heat, but if you move four times as far away you only feel one-sixteenth of the heat."89
3. Most of the devices on the market do not have any science behind them. None of the devices claiming to eliminate all emissions had any science behind them. We were able to find two systems which are supported by science and United States Patents. One of these devices is being marketed under Cell/Wave Guard. We found that up to 61% of radio frequency emissions could be prevented from entering the body. While this represents a significant reduction it is not known if it is enough to guard against all potential effects. However, it is the best technology easily available today. The devices we recommend have been on the market for many years and the companies are always improving their technology. We do not condone ever holding a cell phone to your head or claim you will be 100% protected from these devices. These protection devices are created to help not be a cure all. If you think you are going to find a device at this point in time that protects you a 100% I will sell you a goose that lays golden eggs give me a call.
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