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Pain and tingling in left foot ankle calf.

by other on September 26, 2011

Healthe Trim Reviews:internet md signs and signs and symptoms question by Sirena: Pain and tingling in left feet,ankle,calf?
I began out acquiring discomfort out of the blue during my lower ankle right in front numerous hrs ago. I didnt make a move into it. It had been type of like throbbing dull discomfort. Converted into my better of feet tingling,and today the decrease element of my calf. I looked it on internet md symptom checker, but theres a listing of things it might most likely be. Maybe it’s a nerve factor, an TIA stroke?- is the fact that achievable??? Anybody possess a clue what is happening?

 Beauty And Essex finest answer:
Answer by livi
Hi, final year i recognized out I had been really deficient in vitamin B12, and so i needed to get it offered in injections each week for around 5 several weeks. My physician explained that B12 inadequacies do modify the nervous systom, and sooner or later this may have led to lack of feeling during my braches basically hadn?ˉt done anythng about this!!
I’d get really heavy, aching pains during my legs and arms, sometimes they’d serve you for a prolonged time from time to time they’d appear and disappear. Also sometimes the sensation would nearly go, it kinda felt like tingling. It was also happening: i’d get head aches, sore joints, very to forget things, and incredibly tired
Possibly you overlap with me? Whether it seem as if you you have to certainly have it examined!
Finest of luck, Liv
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