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How To Lose Weight Permanently- Get Moving To Lose Weight

by other on September 25, 2011

Lose Weight Permanently

The reason dieting is a big, successful industry is that many  people want to know how to lose weight fast, but keeping it off is a problem. Even  with bypass surgery the majority of people end up putting the weight they lost back on in a couple of years. Keeping weight off  is not just about dieting; it is about a total change mentally.

 Science of Dieting

Diets do not work. That is why there are so many fad diets. Low  carb diets, low fat diets, and even weight loss diets should not  be considered when seeking to lose weight permanently.
What does work is a sound nutrition plan along with exercise that  will result in natural weight loss. It starts with mentally  determining that a healthy life is worth more than the excess fat  on the body.

Nutritionally Balanced Eating Plan

Start eating five to six small meals daily. Each meal should  include a protein, as protein helps suppress the appetite. Eating  this way helps your fat burning furnace increase the body’s  metabolism. A high metabolism will burn fat all day when it is  fueled with the six small meals. Eat three smaller regular meals,  and supplement with two snack. Snacks can include apples with  natural peanut butter, fresh vegetables with hummus or yogurt  dip, or cheese and crackers. Meals include a protein, small  serving of grain (think brown rice), and fresh vegetables.

Get Moving To Lose Weight!!

Permanent weight loss has to include exercise. This is hard for  many people. But to lose fat the body has to move. Embrace  fitness with workout programs that are enjoyable. Take a walk,  use a hoola hoop, jump rope, or get involved in a game of pick-up  basketball. Working out does not have to just be in a gym. It can  be the Dance Revolution DVD as long as the body is moving and the  heart is pumping.

Health Products For Weight Loss

The only health products that should be used are dietary  supplements which includes a daily vitamin supplemented with  areas where diets are deficient. Vitamin D provides energy and a  probiotic will boost the immune system. Whey protein might be  good for those who do not like eating a lot of meat, or for those  who need the extra protein boost before a workout.

Fast weight loss is not necessarily healthy. The best way to lose weight fast is to rev up the metabolism through a sound eating  plan and body movement. Many fitness tips say that spending hours  on a treadmill will not result in weight loss any quicker than  engaging in a 20 minutes interval training workout. The point is  to get the body’s heart rate high for about 30 seconds, then  bring it back down, and complete at least eight intervals. So  walk for 90 seconds, then jog briskly for 30 seconds, repeat, and  it will burn fat for a more natural weight loss that is  permanent.

Mental Adjustment

Keep a food and exercise log for at least three months. Many  people don’t successfully lose weight because they lose sight of  what they are really doing and eating. Take a look at daily  habits, and change the ones that sabotage reaching and  maintaining weight goals.

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