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The Various Factors behind Migraine Headaches

by other on September 24, 2011

It could possibly be a fair guess that every person has experienced the distress of a headache. Migraine headaches are not the common run of the mill form of headache. I fully understand the intense pain of migaines because I used to be affected, terribly, from them during a young age. They lasted several years and then suddenly stopped, and I am happy for that. It is somewhat fascinating that headaches, and especially migraines, are not entirely understood by the medical community. There are many reasons for this not the very least of which is many people can experience and feel pain in different ways. But that’s only one small part of a large and elaborate picture.

Even so, just like with many topics in medicine, a lot is recognized about migraine headaches. You can see migraines referenced as a type of vascular headache, and that merely means it is related to the system of veins and vessels in our body. Evidently either very low or high temperatures may cause a migraine episode. Next there are persons who can get this type of headache if they experience abnormal sleep loss or too much hunger. So all of this clearly reveals that environmental influences play a role at least with some individuals. Another reason for a migraine can be extreme and chronic amounts of stress.

Regarding the intense pain, migraines are distinct because the pain appears to take much longer to build up. That indicates certain implications to doctors but nothing notably definitive. These clues just look to be more pieces to the overall puzzle. Over half of people who get migraines seem to have close relatives who also have this problem which suggests a possible genetic influence. That can point to other potential causes such as external triggers that produce the same effect.

For women, there can be a connection with hormone variations and migraines. There is a proportion of women who can have issues either right before or immediately after their monthly period cycle. It is recognized that estrogen diminishes quite a bit during those periods of time. Maternity and then the menopausal years are also circumstances of wild changes in hormones. As perhaps thought, some women state greater likelihood to go through migraines throughout these periods, as well. The intensity of a migraine can be made worse for some if they undertake replacement therapy for hormones. An additional factor that really does not help with understanding is that just isn’t seen in every female who gets migraine headaches.

Other added migraine precursors involve overwhelming odors from virtually anything plus bright lights or loud music. So there is no clear single cause that can be pinpointed with this problem. Even more conditions that lead to this can be a larger than usual amount of physical activity. The particular reasons for these headaches is a difficult condition for researchers to fully grasp.

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