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Understanding ACLS Certification

by other on September 23, 2011

An ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certification is something that all health care providers find as an essential. If you work or plan to enter into the health care field, many are encouraged and sometimes required to take on an ACLS training and a certificate to prove successful completion. In an effort to understand more about the importance of an ACLS certificate, let us answer the top queries regarding ACLS.


Is the ACLS certification any different from the BLS certification?


There are many people who are puzzled with the difference of an ACLS certification from the BLS type. Essentially, ACLS training is different from a BLS type because the former is the one meant for people working in health care jobs. ACLS is open only for people licensed in health care jobs unlike BLS which is open for everyone interested. The reason for this is that ACLS is in fact the next step from BLS and has more complicated knowledge and procedures that need a health care course preparation to be safely performed and delivered.


What are the special concepts and procedures done in an ACLS training module?


A prerequisite to an ACLS class is passing the BLS course first. If a person has passed BLS, then ACLS would be easier to them. The special concepts and skills discussed only in an ACLS program include intubation, starting IV (Intravenous) infusions and other transfusions, intubation, reading and interpreting ECGs (Electrocardiograms), defibrillation, inserting chest tubes and other advanced emergency measures. Hence, it can be seen that the ACLS class is more complicated than the BLS type.


Is an ACLS training module open for everybody?


It is not advisable for non health care related workers to take up ACLS classes. Due to the dangers imposed by the invasive procedures of ACLS, it is best be given to people in health related professions. Thus, it is understandable that such class is offered only to people with a formal medical background.


Is this ACLS certification valid for use for a lifetime?


Unfortunately, an ACLS certificate cannot be used for a lifetime. You need to renew it every few years or so as indicated in the validity period. These renewals and recertification are helpful in ensuring that knowledge and skills related to ACLS are up to date and correctly performed.

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