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How to Set Up a Trampoline Safety Net

by other on September 3, 2011

A trampoline safety net is important especially if children are going to use the unit. The top trampoline safety nets or enclosures are manufactured particularly for safety. They are long-lasting, structurally sound, and present safety features specially made with consideration for younger users.

Before you set up a trampoline enclosure net, there are a few things to keep in mind. One of the first things you need to remember is that you should make sure that the net system wraps outside the supporting posts and that the net is connected to the posts very snugly and securely. You should also ensure that the supporting posts are durable and securely fastened to the trampoline frame.

To get started, establish a safe location for your trampoline. Usually, this is a place where there is adequate horizontal and vertical clearance and it is free of hazardous objects. The best surface to put your exercise trampoline is on solid, flat ground. You should also first organize all your materials, including things like the sprockets, washers and net for easy access. If you notice you are lacking some parts, contact the manufacturer or seller.

Now you can set up all the posts. With the materials presented, connect one post to the outside leg of the trampoline. The post will sit about 6 feet above the trampoline. In addition to this, you must measure or gauge the net prior to connecting it to the unit. The top linking strap of the net is wider than the bottom and should thus be above the net. Once you have looped the loop-end of the strap around the posts, the net should be inserted between the trampoline and the safety pad. Finally, keep binding the strap around the post until the end of the net, and then secure a knot at the edge of the strap.

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