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2 Foods that Will Make You Fat

by other on September 2, 2011

You’ll be shocked what these two foods are! Most folks think these two foods help you lose weight, and are good and healthy for you This is false, and I’m going to tell you why.

Find Out How To Burn Fat While You Eat

I’m not referring to high fructose corn syrup or those nasty Trans fats (of course they are surely harmful for you). The two foods that I am discussing are wheat products, and fruit juices.

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1st we’re going to discuss wheat products:

I’m talking the comfort foods here like, most bread, muffins, bagels, cereals and pasta. This includes “whole wheat” products that claim to be diet friendly. These are high fat foods. Many folks also have intolerance to the gluten found in wheat and other grains. What people do not realize is that we are not designed to eat such high quantities of wheat. Up until the last 80-100 years, wheat was not a major segment of the human diet. Our digestive system was developed over several hundred thousand years to eat a diet of meats, vegetable, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Our bodies have a difficult time processing big amounts of wheat.

Burn Fat While You Eat.

Those who eliminate wheat products from their diet, start to lose weight, and in general, feel better in two-3 weeks. In addition to dropping their weight, they discover that they no longer have the headaches and digestive problems that they have endured for years. Some reported that skin problems disappeared as well.

Foods that Make You Skinny

Now we’ll examine fruit juices:

I’ll bet you are shocked to hear that, as everyone knows that fruit is healthy for you.

And, it is! But when you drink only the juice from fruit, you drink a high calorie liquid, and leave behind the fiber and other helpful elements of the fruit. This will make you put on weight. Eating the entire fruit, gives you the extra fiber that you need to control your appetite. You also are more prone to want more, as fruit juice is very high in carbs.

The end result is that drinking too much fruit juice will make you fat. Eat the entire fruit, and benefit from all the fiber and nutrients to maintain a healthful diet.

There are several great diet plans out there to help you in your attempt to lose weight.

Here Are Foods to Make You Thin

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