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The Various Reasons for Migraine Headaches

by other on September 1, 2011

Chances are great that you have gotten as a minimum one headache in your lifetime. But needless to say there are headaches, and then there are migraine headaches that are different. I know the severe pain of migaines because I used to be affected, terribly, from them at a young age. They lasted several years and then suddenly stopped, and I am delighted for that. There is certainly much to be discovered about migraines because they aren’t understood by researchers. Everything is clouded and mystified by the fact that people do not experience headaches, and pain, all the same way. But there is far more to this story which is elaborate and has many components to it.

However, just like with many topics in medicine, a lot is known about migraine headaches. For one thing, migraines are sometimes called, vascular headaches, which is the term for the vascular system of blood veins and arteries. Seemingly either very low or perhaps high temperatures may induce a migraine event. Then there are people who can have this type of headache if they encounter substantial sleep loss or too much hunger. Exactly like with so many other medical problems, there are certain triggers that appear to influence this condition. Another cause for a migraine can be substantial and chronic amounts of stress.

The extraordinarily high level of pain from these headaches usually takes some time before being fully experienced, and that has caught the attention of research. Of course that can direct them to examine certain areas which could be fruitful. Every bit of material can give some kind of clue. Some migraine patients appear to have a genetic predisposition since you can find migraines in the family tree. But since not every person is in that category, then that leads doctors to examine ourside causes.

Women can be sensitive to migraines because of hormone changes. There is a proportion of women who can have difficulties either right before or quickly after their monthly period cycle. In these occasions, doctors are aware of variations in estrogen levels. Then again, other major hormonal shifts happen during pregnancy and menopause. As perhaps thought, some women state greater tendencies to experience migraines throughout these periods, as well. The intensity of a migraine can be worsened for some if they have replacement therapy for hormones. Alternatively, all of those experiences do not happen to all women who suffer from migraines.

There are numerous other aspects involved that may result in a migraine among them sensory stimulation such as loud noises, certain odors, bright lights and an array of smells including perfumes and other diverse odors. It is apparent that the variety of migraine triggers is highly different. Even more conditions that lead to this can be a greater than usual amount of physical activity. The exact reasons for these headaches is a difficult condition for researchers to comprehend.

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