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Get Fit With The Help Of Visualization

by other on August 19, 2011

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If you wish to become fitter, the advice you will often hear is to be determined and put in the hours that are needed. There may be some truth in that but these are also the reasons that a lot of men and women cannot stick to a program of exercise because they do not have the natural willpower to do it. If this is you, then it does not mean you are lazy as it basically boils down to not having a strong enough desire to go on. The way we think will be reflected in everything that we do and we can alter our thinking patterns through the decisions we make. If you desire to be more fit, learning how to visualize may hold the key and we will now see what this entails.

Holding a picture in your mind and to concentrate on this, is most people’s understanding of what visualizing is. It is difficult in reality for your thinking to keep centered on one thing and so random stuff starts to replace what you want to think about. This is because there is no really clear emotion associated with the image you have in your mind and to do this you need to think about why you are interested to get fit. You will want to take ownership of this and to do this you have to be really specific. Once you have done that, it is a matter of then linking emotion to that end goal. You want to have an emotional anchor that you can turn to that makes you feel as if you have achieved the weight loss or muscle gain you want.

There are strategies you can use to speed up the way you visualize and this can include hypnosis or making use of audio and video programs. The aim is that you have a definite aim that is backed up by extremely powerful emotions so that changes start to take place. It can likewise help to keep this vision in mind when you are actually working out so that you are getting physical and mental benefits simultaneously. At some point, you should begin to be aware that the idea of being fit is natural and the need for pushing yourself will vanish. Visualizing the way we have described will help you stop the self sabotage that may have prevented you sticking to any workout program.

While you become proficient with this, you can use what you have learned in other ways. Getting fit may give you a better image of how you want your financial or social life to improve in a similar way. The idea of you as an unfit individual will start to go away once you see the possibilities that are now open to you because you have a success outlook.

The health benefits of becoming fit and healthy are there for you and if you are able  to visualize  it,  you  can  realize it.

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