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Discovering a solution to obtain your fish oil without any chance of unwanted side effects

by other on August 18, 2011

All of us know that there’re medicines that can give us some negative effects. There’re times when there would be too much information given about the medicines or supplements as manufacturers would put a lot of words on prescription bottles that the explanations would seem extremely confusing. This of course would make a typical customer wonder if the manufacturers are actually saying the actual truth or they just want to sell their products. Often, you would really need to study what you are truly putting in your body. However, sometimes you don’t obviously have time for that. In this article, we will be explaining some of the side effects of fish oil.

Omega 3 Fatty acids that can be found in fish oil has anti coagulants or blood thinners. When there is an injury, the blood needs to clot in order to stop the bleeding. Some people have said that omega 3 fatty acids will make the bleeding harder to clot and stop but this is not true. Do remember that taking Omega 3 fatty acids is not risky. However, if you’re already taking medicines that have anti coagulant properties, it is best to consult your doctor first before you take Omega 3 fatty acid pills to avoid¬† side effects and take advantage of the many fish oil benefits because these can be quite harmful over time.
Among the issues of fish oil is the “fish burp” which is also called fish oil repeat. Such a thing happens when the fish oil which you consumed isn’t that pure. To avoid this, it is better to try to find the best fish oil supplement is purified and cleansed to avoid the most common side effects. Moreover, bear in mind that taking fish oil supplements must be done before eating as the digestive enzymes can then aid in absorbing the nutrients. Another thing that can be done¬† is look for enteric coated supplements. It will help the supplement to not dissolve until it reaches the less acidic part of your body.

Associated with this problem is there’re instances when some people develop stomach pains and/or diarrhea. To avoid this, pay attention to the things that that can be done regarding the “fish burp”.

Also many fish have high mercury quantities within their body so it’s particularly helpful to avoid eating large fish like sharks who have lived for many years eating smaller fish.

Finally, there are people who’re allergic to some supplements. It is best that you check first if you are allergic to a medicine or supplement before taking it since you might then realize that your symptoms aren’t due to possible side effects. There’re some people who’ve reported to have had allergic reactions before taking fish oil but according to studies, these people are really allergic to seafood and not the pills or supplements. Do remember that good quality supplements do not contain seafood properties that could heighten your allergies.

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