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by other on August 15, 2011

Do you suffer from having a bladder that is overactive? Do you find yourself often getting up for excursions to the bathroom? Have you tried everything you can see to stop those frequent trips into the restroom at work? Most individuals believe that it is our liquid consumption that results in the amount of time we spend relieving our bladders. This is the reason that a lot more people end up unintentionally dehydrating themselves in their attempts to stay out of the toilet.

Would you believe that sometimes it is what you could be eating that can be causing you to frequently visit the restroom during the day? The real truth of the matter is that those “pee breaks” are generally simply a way to rid your body of waste. The waste builds up equally out of fluid and solid intakes. Your waste is manufactured up equally of liquid as well as solid parts, the forms they take when you take in your food isn’t important.

Vitamin C is great for fighting off an infection but it can also be good for aggravating your bladder. This is mainly due to the fact that lots of citrus fruits are made up of acid and that’s why they need to be avoided both as solids and as juices. Oranges, tangerines, lemons, grapefruits as well as limes, in particular are big culprits of this as is pineapple even though it is technically not a citrus fruit. To acquire your Vitamin C serving each day, eat fruits like apples, pears, bananas and berries.

Try to keep calm about this: consuming a lot of chocolate can be an exascerbater of your bladder. Chocolate has caffeine inside it. Your bladder does not enjoy it when you take in caffeine and will reward you for this ingestion with lots of trips to the bathroom. The same holds true for caffeinated drinks as well. If you have been making a lot of visits to the toilet you should stay away from all forms of caffeine. Instead, learn how to like dark chocolate along with decaf coffee (or soda).

Foods that are especially spicy can annoy your bladder quite a lot. This might be hard to accept for people who like spicy foods but if you don’t want to spend your whole night running to the bathroom, you want to avoid the foods that are spiciest like wasabi sauce, spicy nachos, etc. If it would make your eyes and nose run you can bet it is likely to make other parts of your body run as well. Choose less spicy variations of those foodsthat way you can get the quality without the irritation of your bladder.

We tend to think that if it comes out of our system in liquid form then it must have gone into our bodies in liquid form. This is absolutely not true. The waste material that comes out of our bodies is merely the remaining parts of what we have consumed that cannot be used or stored so it is excreted in whatever manner is the most convenient.


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