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Chest Workouts for Men

by other on August 13, 2011

Chest workouts for men is important to building strength and size. Variation and repetition are integral but only if you are doing the correct exercises. Always remember that stretching is equally important in maintaining the proper balance of tension and flexibility in your muscles. Extra tension can exert strain and can even negatively impact your posture. It is also important to know that chest muscles require constant exercise to maintain their tone. Pectoral workouts are very specific to the region and there is little in everyday life that will replicate the actions. Using the proper techniques and schedule, however, can give you the rock hard pectoral muscles.

It is advisable to start yourself with easy options if you intend on completing a pec workout regularly. The barbell bench press, barbell incline bench press, parallel bar dip, and basic pushup are great chest exercises. Used with the proper repetition and intervals, they can be highly effective in getting the results that you desire.

The Barbell Bench Press provides quite a bit of variation with very little equipment. A change in weight, a change in grip, or a change in incline can change the exercise distinctively, and you can get great results with this chest exercise in your repertoire. A closer grip on the bar will produce a great inner chest workout, while a wider grip will focus more on the pecs and shoulders. Changing the incline on the bench with the same equipment will also change the pec workout dramatically.

The parallel bar dip is another great pectoral workout. Using a dip station with two parallel bars, hold yourself up, attempting to focus the tension on your pectoral muscles. Leaning slightly forward with arms straight can help the pec muscles engage more and receive more of your body weight, in turn giving more of a workout. Slowly lower yourself, bending the elbows and dipping your chest closer to the parallel bars. Arms should be parallel to the floor. Pause for a few seconds, focusing the tension in the pectoral muscles. Raise yourself again, straightening the arms. If your body weight does not give a sufficient workout, adding ankle or waist weights can increase the resistance.

If you have no equipment but still want to get an outer and inner chest workout, pushups are ideal. It is important that your form and technique are correct or your work will be in vain. Starting on either your palms or knuckles, depending on your experience and strength, your body should only be touching the floor with your hands and your toes. Hold the body in a straight line without letting the stomach sag. This is also an effective workout for your core, as it requires you to hold yourself up in this manner. With your hands 2-3 inches outside your shoulders, begin doing pushups fluidly without letting anything other than your hands and toes touch the floor. The width of your hands will change the areas of impact. The wider the position, the more the pectoral muscles are engaged, so wider is better.

These are just a very few chest workouts for men. There are many variations to these exercises and many ways to find the one that is right for you. Remember that muscles must be engaged and then have time to respond in order to create tone and strength. Always stretch to control tension and create healthier muscles.

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