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Childrens and Cell Phone Usage

by Cell Phone Protection on August 11, 2011

By Paul Fitzgerald

  The research done about the harm and danger of electromagnetic field radiation is an ongoing science experiment. However, there is some more recent news that parents should be aware of. It involves our children.

How many of us are talking on our cell phone to a friend or family member, when our child asks if they can use it? On a daily basis it happens to just about every parent. What is our initial reaction? Of course we let them use it to say hello! Perhaps we should think twice before handing over the cell phone to our little ones.

Recent research has found that cell phone electromagnetic radiation may effect children more than adults. Why is this true? This is true because, their bodies are very much still developing. We know that babies and young children have that soft, delicate spot on their head that needs extra caution. Children of all ages are still developing their skull as well. This fact, make electromagnetic rays more damaging to them. These harmful rays can effect children at a faster pace than adults. These rays can effect other body growth as well. It may result in a child having thinner bones, thinner skin, as well as low blood cell count.

Another recent discovery in Toronto was that the area you live in may effect your health. Living in close proximity to a cell phone receiving tower is also dangerous to your health. These particular electromagnetic rays can effect many parts of your body at once.

Women expecting should also be cautious. Studies have shown that a certain amount of cell phone use while pregnant may effect the child. There have been increased behavioral problems linked with women that used a certain estimated cell phone time during pregnancy.

Though study and research is always going on, there has not been any link to brain function. Children that used a cell phone compared to children who have not had no difference in brain activity. Research is still not solid on any level of harmful electromagnetic radiation. The verdict is still out!

Even though the definite verdict is not out, we still need to be aware and take precaution. This should be done for our children as well as ourselves. The ban of cell phone use in schools is a result of this study. Make sure you monitor your childs’ cell phone use. Studies show that children are much more likely to use the cell phone longer than other ages. Also, opt for a hands-free, air tube set. Another aspect to watch is the cell phones battery. Try not to use it when the battery is low. When it is low, it is going to pull more emf energy to reach a signal or connection. All in all, safe practices are recommended for daily cell phone use. Help lower your risk of illness from harmful emf rays. Our children are the most important thing in our lives. Keep them safe.

Educational Cell Phone Digital Book by Paul Fitzgerald, EMF expert, graduated from NJIT in Newark, NJ. He has been studying EMF’s for over 15 years.. He has done over 100 radio shows in 2006 and released his book CellPhone Lies To learn more go to EMF Radiation News.

Harmful Effects of Cell Phone Radiation

By Stephen Reed

  There is a rising apprehension about the amount of radiation being emitted by mobile phones and the nature of damage caused to those who are constantly using phones. Investigation on the adverse health effects of mobile phone radiation is on surge but fresh analyses have associated it with vertigo, salivary gland tumors, brain cancer, behavioral problems and migraines.

Most horrifying information is that many of the top mobile phones from popular manufacturing companies are considered to have maximum intensity of radiation emission, as per the Environmental Working Group. Blackberry Bold 9700, Motorola’s Droid, HTC Nexus One by Google and LG Chocolate Touch are some of the gaudy phones for you to avoid since all these four phones are actually approaching the sharp edge of ‘Radiofrequency radiation safety limits’ put forth by the ‘Federal Communications Commission’ as claimed by EWG. On the other hand, Blackberry Storm, Sanyo Katana II and Samsung Rugby have the lowest radiation discharge rates.

However every mobile phone discharges some amount of radiation which in the long run may cause serious health problems. Now-a-says life devoid of cell phones seems to be highly unfeasible. There are certain factors which are recommended by experts that can help to guard the radiation exposure to a greater level.

Make it a practice to use earphones all the time because earphones do not produce radiation as much as the mobile phones.

Try to talk less and listen more because according to experts while talking cell phones produce more radiation than at the time of listening.

Another important suggestion is to send text messages more often instead of talking because while creating text messages the phone utilizes less power as a result of which less radiation is produced.

Avoid talking when there is a weak signal because in order to catch hold of a stronger signal the phone releases considerable amount of radiation.

If you cannot live without a cell phone, try to make less use to cut down the hazardous effects.

I am a keen writer on technological issues both in the electronics and home refurbishment areas. I have recently reviewed cell phones in regard to Cell phone radiation with a particular emphasis on the way a cell phone can be used safely.

Cell Phone Tower Radiation. Is It Dangerous?

By Paul Fitzgerald

  The sound of a guitar, an x-ray taken in a doctor’s office, the warmth of the sun and energy generated in a nuclear power plant all have one thing in common they are forms of radiation. Radiation is the movement, or propagation of energy from one place to another. From a human perspective, some radiation are directly useful, and some destructive. Imagine your cell phone. Cell phones have transformed communications all over the world. However, would you believe that this very reliable gadget is killing you slowly?

Well, you have to attribute it to the fact that most people are unaware of the Radio frequency (RF) radiation that they’re exposed to another word referring to radiation itself, in measured form. It’s an invisible form of pollution. Probably the most dangerous and common source of radiation these days are cell phones and cell phone towers.

Cell phone towers operate at power levels of about ten watts for each antenna on the tower. These directional antennas divide a geographical area into cells of service. The closer you are to a radiating antenna, the higher the health risk there is. When a cell phone is turned on, the cell phone company carrier or provider uses a computer network connected to all the cell towers to invisibly command the phone to an available frequency. Moreover, a cell phone transmits frequently to notify the phone company that it is actually on. Wherever you go, the cell system determines signal strength and switches your connection to another tower near you. When you talk to someone on your phone, the antenna is very close to the brain and recent studies show that it can induce tumor formation with prolonged exposure.

The phone can still radiate energy even when you are not talking. If you have it in your pants or shirt pocket, or on your belt, body tissues around the antenna on the phone are being exposed to radiation. The human body is an electrical system. It is affected by outside RF electromagnetic fields that can promote unwanted neurological effects, nerve stimulation, cancer, heating effects and even cause DNA strand breakage and cell mutation/death cell mutation being the primary process of tumor formation or cancer. Studies also show that cell phone use is associated with other kinds of tumors like the parotid/salivary gland tumors and even male infertility. Increased radiation exposure will inevitably lead to more illness from compromised immune systems, brain disorders and organ problems.

So how can we protect ourselves from all these threats to our health? There are no other options to keep the cell network operating because of the limited nature of cell phone technology. We just can’t forsake our cell phones because let’s face it, communicating has been much easier. Cell phones are our lifelines. Fortunately, there are cell phone radiation protection products available in the market which can help us safeguard our health. There are products like headset radiation shields, RFS belt clip shields, EMF protectors, and the Anti-Radiation Air-tube Headset which is a safe alternative compared to conventional headsets that use wire to deliver sound to the earpiece and may also deliver radiation directly to the head.

These products reduce the possibility of radiation reaching the head. Another popular product is the QLink pendant which is worn around the neck and powered by the wearer. QLink is encoded with a technology called Sympathetic Resonance Technology or SRT, which is a branch of quantum physics. This acts as a tuning fork that resonates with the ideal note at which the body’s energy system should hum. It basically protects against stress from a variety of types of stressors including electromagnetic fields.

There are more products out there that could really help us protect our body from the harmful radiation produced by cell phones. It’s up to us to protect ourselves, let’s face the fact. Would we still remain ignorant? We don’t want our lives to end untimely just because we want to make things easier right? So it’s to a greater advantage that we use cell phone protection products. Steer clear of radiation! Take it from the experts.

Educational Cell Phone Digital Book by Paul Fitzgerald, EMF expert, graduated from NJIT in Newark, NJ. He has been studying EMF’s for over 15 years.. He has done over 100 radio shows in 2006 and released his book CellPhone Lies To learn more go to EMF Radiation News.

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