Green 8 Gold Mobile Cellular 3G Radiation Protection




1. I am still curious why they only last for 18 months?

  • With the power and compressed data of 3G/4G digital communication technology the harmonizing effect of the GREEN 8 GOLD has to be tested after 18-24 months or to be replaced for perfect radiation protection. The stored positive vibration frequency for the interference effect is consumed after this period of time.
  • So we have to communicate and to recommend that Green 8 GOLD should be replaced at least after 24 months (longest – when used on GSM or other non-3G device) and ideally after 18 months as protection can go down to 50% as the vibration frequency is consumed.

2. How will someone know when it needs to be replaced?

  • Often people will start to feel the radiation from their phone differently and then will know it needs to be replaced. We recommend replacing the Green 8 Gold after 18 months as it will provide full protection for at least 18 months before a decrease.
  • Only some people will feel differences as Green 8 Gold loses power but screening tests and Kinesiology can be done to confirm the replacement.

Each Green 8 Gold is $37 USD

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